Do Dogs Get Sore Throats From Barking?

Do dogs get sore throats from barking

Sore throat is a common ailment for humans.


Coughing, fever, lack of appetite, and difficulty when swallowing.


Such common symptoms, that we could easily handle with a bit of rest, some meds, and lots of water.


Most of the time, we just downplay the itchy, uncomfortable feeling, and self-medicate.


Only when it becomes unbearable that we turn to doctors for help.


But what if your dog shows the same symptoms?


Does it mean your dog has a sore throat? Is it even possible?


Can Your Dog Have a Sore Throat?

Can Your Dog Have a Sore Throat


Yes, dogs can have a sore throat.


Sometimes, it is because of excessive barking as they produce those guttural and sharp sounds.


However, this is rare as dogs do not usually excessively bark to the point of a sore throat.


But you can listen to the quality of your dog’s bark.


If it sounds hoarser than usual, then it might be a sign of sore throat.


The second but more common reason is kennel cough.


Kennel cough is the dog version of your common colds.


When our dogs inhale viral or bacterial particles, it can irritate their respiratory tract and cause kennel cough.


Kennel cough often leads to a sore throat due to forceful, persistent coughing.


Other causes can also be tonsillitis, chronic mouth disease, strep throat, canine, flu, or objects stuck in your dog’s throat.


How Do I Know?

Observe your dog’s barking.


When it gets hoarser than what it usually is, then it could be a precursor to a sore throat.


Additionally, other symptoms include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Inflamed throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Loss of appetite

VIDEO: Kennel cough Sounds like (Plus Treatment)


Other symptoms that come with a sore throat, commonly because of kennel cough, include:

  • Runny nose
  • Eye discharges
  • Sneezing
  • Decrease in energy



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What Should I Do?

If you find our that your dog has a kennel cough, the first thing you need to do is isolate that dog from the rest, if you have multiple dogs, as the disease is contagious.


Then, bring your dog to the vet.


If the symptoms are just for sore throat, then here is what you can do:


1. Give your dog herbal tea or honey to soothe their throat. You can add a teaspoon of mint, sage, and thyme for a more cooling effect.


2. If your dog relies on canned food, you must soften the mixture with water to lessen the discomfort when swallowing.


3. Make sure to administer the antibiotic properly if there is one prescribed. Most are water-soluble, and you can mix them with water or food.


4. Avoid giving your dog foods that can upset their stomach which may lead to vomiting like oily foods, processed pineapple juice (fresh ones are okay).


Most dogs recover from a sore throat three days to about a week when treated.


If there is a medication, you should be able to see some improvements after a day or two.


Some severe cases, mostly due to other conditions, can stretch to two to three weeks, even a month.


If that happens, you need to consult your vet regularly for any changes.


Our dogs are such bright bundles of joy that it sometimes becomes painful when we see them suffering, even with just sore throat.


So, do keep watch over your dog once the signs pop up and administer what you need to do.


Ease their discomfort as much as possible, the way they can help us ease ours sometimes.


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