Can Dogs Have Pineapple Juice?

Can Dogs Have Pineapple Juice?

Pineapples, like watermelon, are healthy for dogs when given in moderation.

But can dogs have pineapple juice as well?

Let’s find out.


Dogs can take pineapple juice under one condition.

That it is served fresh and with no additives.


Freshly made pineapple juice has loads of benefits for your dog.


Benefits of pineapple juice to dogs

Pineapple juice

Dogs benefit from the high vitamins in pineapple juice.


This flavorful drink is rich in vitamins B6 and vitamin C.


Vitamin B6 is necessary especially in the growth and development of puppies.

It activates the production of red blood cells and maintains healthy brain function.


Vitamin C boosts a dog’s immune system.


Other vitamins present in pineapple juice are B1, B2, and B9.


Vitamin B1 (thiamin) aids the digestion of carbohydrates and also revitalizes body organs.


Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) helps in cellular function and carbohydrate metabolism.


And vitamin B9 (folate) helps in red and white blood cell production.


Besides vitamins, pineapple juice is rich in minerals like;

  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Zinc

Magnesium promotes muscle and organ health.


Potassium improves bone and neural health.


Iron is required for producing hemoglobin and red blood cells.


Calcium is necessary for the growth of strong bones and muscles.


Zinc promotes healthy skin and coat in your dog.



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Can pineapple juice harm your dog?

Natural pineapple juice cannot harm your dog.

But store-bought pineapple juice contains additives that can harm your pup.


Commercially bought pineapple juice may contain excess sugar which is not healthy for a dog.


Also, the preservatives and additives in processed pineapple juice can cause digestive problems in dogs.


Pineapple juice and puppies

puppy with pineapple

Be cautious when giving pineapple juice to puppies.

Since their digestive system is still developing, they are likely to get diarrhea or vomit from drinking too much pineapple juice.


How to prepare pineapple juice for dogs

  1. Remove the skin and core from the pineapple. These two can cause stomach upsets in your dog.
  2. Slice the pineapple into small pieces and toss into a blender
  3. Add water and blend into a fine juice
  4. Let your dog slurp away at this healthy treat. The pineapple pulp is good fiber for your dog


Other ways to serve pineapple to dogs

Pineapple slice

Pineapples should only be served as a snack to your dog.


Cut the pineapple into tiny bits that your dog can gobble up quickly.


You can also use them for reward-based training.


Alternatively, freeze the pineapple bits and serve them as frozen treats in summer.


Another option is freezing pineapple juice into tiny bars that your dog can lick to cool off.



Fresh pineapple juice, without any additives, is good for your dog when served moderately.

In summer, frozen pineapple pieces or juice are great for cooling your dog.

This healthy treat packs vitamins and minerals that will benefit your dog.


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