Do Dogs Jump Off Cliffs? + Are Dogs Aware Of Heights

Do Dogs Jump Off Cliffs

As a pet owner, it’s only natural for you to worry about the safety of your pet.


Especially in certain conditions that we deem dangerous.


If you feel your breath catch in your throat anytime you see your dog going down the stairs, then you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions:


  • Are dogs aware of height?
  • Can they jump off dangerous heights such as cliffs?


Well, this article is dedicated to providing you with those answers.


Are Dogs Aware Of Height?

dog on a high surface


Simply put that yes dogs are definitely aware of heights and how far away from the ground to the height of the platform they’re on.


Then this awareness of height isn’t something they’re born with, a matter of fact, it’s never a good idea to leave your puppy unsupervised if you were ever to go hiking.


The ability to perceive an object or activity as dangerous, e.g jumping off a cliff is to some extent something they acquire as they get older.


And in other cases, proper training is required or better yet just stops them from being around these dangerous areas.


Do Dogs Normally Jump Off Heights?

Dogs are furry balls of energy and you’ll notice them occasionally jump off things during play so it’s easy to conclude that they can jump off dangerous heights if presented with the opportunity to do so.


This can be true for puppies but not adult dogs.


Adult dogs are more aware of a dangerous situation when they see one same way humans can detect a tricky situation before a child can.


Because of this, an adult dog won’t ordinarily jump off dangerous heights except they’re distracted or it’s an accident.


Of course, the same thing can’t be said about puppies.


They’re too young to have great depth perception and might not even be aware of the consequences of jumping off the balcony or out of an open window.


This is why they need to be regularly monitored to stop them from jumping off dangerous heights.



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Situations That Can Cause Your Dog To Jump Off Heights

Understanding the various situations that can cause your dog to jump off dangerous heights is the first step in ensuring their safety.


Like we already mentioned, adult dogs are less likely to jump off a dangerous height but certain situations can cause them to. Some of them are:


  • Sudden loud noises like the sounds of fireworks
  • A life-threatening situation
  • Seeing their owners in a compromising position (i.e their owners slumped on the floor)


Of course, the same thing can’t be said about puppies.


They are not as aware of what a dangerous situation looks like, unlike an adult dog.


Here are some situations that can cause a puppy to jump off a dangerous height:


  • Loud noises
  • Seeing a squirrel
  • Spotting another dog
  • Hearing the doorbell ring
  • Noticing their owners come in
  • Jumping off the couch during play


How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping Off Heights?

dog jumping off cliffs


Jumping off Cliffs, balconies, and just about any other dangerous heights can be very deadly for your dog, and yet most times, they’re not places you can avoid.


And while constant vigilance is key, it’s not the most reliable as situations might cause you to lax off watching your dog.


How then can you stop your dog from jumping off dangerous heights?


1. Special training

Every dog should receive training such as potty training and simple commands.


Starting small and building up to more elaborate training is the most effective way to do it.


You can use words like “stop”, “heel” or “ok” to halt them from getting too close to falling off a dangerous height.


2. Limit access to areas with dangerous heights

If you live on the top floor of a building or any other kind of apartment complex, your dog is probably going to try hauling itself off the balcony or window may be trying to chase a squirrel or a bird.


To prevent this, stop your dog from getting too close to these areas or you can even position a barricade to indicate that these places are off-limits.


3. Learn to use specific commands

Your dog can’t effectively communicate with you as you can to your next-door neighbor.


That means complex commands like “don’t go there” may completely fly over their heads.


Restrict commands to simple and short words like “stop”.


4. Avoid leaving them unattended

This is probably one of the most effective ways you can prevent your dog from jumping off high places or getting caught in other types of mischief.


Maintaining constant watch over them especially when they’re young can help prevent them from hurting themselves.


And if you’re dog has special needs like mental illnesses, then even more supervision is required.



Man’s best friends while not being as smart as people are capable of learning and being able to distinguish danger and safety.


As a dog owner, you need not worry too much about your dog hurting themselves.


With enough training and experience, this would hardly even be a cause of worry at all.


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