Do Siamese Cats Shed?

Do siamese cat shed?

The Siamese is one of the most beautiful cats you can own.

They are gentle, affectionate, and form strong bonds with their owners.

But the big question is, do Siamese cats shed a lot?


The answer to the question “Do Siamese Cats Shed a Lot?” is No. compared to other cats, Siamese cats shed less and only in season. However, Siamese cats are not 100% hypoallergenic and some grooming is required to control cat dander.


 If you are thinking of getting yourself a Siamese cat, you probably have asked yourself whether a Siamese cat shed loads of fur.

Especially if you live in an urban space or have, or know someone with, pet allergies.

Read on to discover everything about Siamese cat shedding and why this cat is prized by so many cat owners.



💡 Did you Know

The Siamese cat gets its name from Thailand which was formerly called Siam.



The Siamese cat was officially recognized in the early 19th century when he arrived in America.

He became an instant favorite for pet owners because of his unique coat and markings.

Today the Siamese cat comes in four different variations all with exquisitely looking coats.


The Siamese Cat Coat

If you have always wanted to own a Siamese cat, then you are in luck.

This cat comes in a variety of coat colors.

So if you want to get more than one kitten, then you are spoilt for choice.


The main coat colors for the Siamese cat are;

  • Standard or Seal Point
  • Blue Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Flame Point



🐱 Fun Fact

All Siamese cats have a modifier gene that wipes out coat color when temperatures are between 100 and 102.5 degrees Farads. When the temperature goes below 100 degrees, the coat color is restored.



Standard or Seal point Siamese Cat

Seal point siamese cat

The standard Siamese cat has a fawn body with dark accents (known as points) around the face, paws, and tail.

The points are deep brown like an actual seal.

The hair on the tummy may be lighter than that on the back.


Chocolate point Siamese cat

chocolate point siamese cat

They look a lot like the Seal point only that they are lighter.

They have a cream coat and light chocolate accents on the face, paws, and tail.


Blue Point Siamese cat

blue point siamese cat

They have a white main coat and bluish points on the face, ears, paws, and tips.

Their noses and pads tend to have a pinkish hue.


Lilac point Siamese cat

lilac point siamese cat

The lilac point Siamese cat has her points paler than all other Siamese cats.

The main coat color is a pale chocolate color while her points are either grayish, purplish, or pale pinkish.

The nose and feet are often the same color.


One thing that is constant across all Siamese breeds is their big blue eyes.

Most pet owners would give up anything just to stare into these magnificent feline eyes.

Another constant in all Siamese cats is their seasonal shedding around Spring and Fall.


Now to answer the question


Does Siamese cat shed a lot?

Compared to other cat breeds, the Siamese is a moderate shedder.

They have a short coat that only sheds a lot only twice a year.

This is during the molting season of Spring when the cat is getting rid of the thick coat to adopt a lighter one for the summer.

The second molting season is fall when the cat is growing a thicker undercoat for the winter.


But even with the molting season, you will not have to deal with loads of cat hair around the home.

Brushing the Siamese coat once or twice a week is enough to get rid of pet dander.

Also, getting a pet sofa cover can help in controlling cat hair from getting on your chairs or any other surface in the home.


Do Siamese cats shed a lot all year?

A Siamese cat will only shed in Spring or Fall when preparing their bodies for the heat or cold.

But a Siamese cat can shed year-round if it is used to staying indoors.


All cats can lose track of the seasons when they do not go out as much.

Allowing a Siamese cat to go out regularly will help minimize the shedding.


But be warned, this feline can be quite adventurous and wander off from your home.

Ensure you have a barrier around your home to contain the cat’s movements.


Alternatively, take your cat out for walks on a leash.

They get to enjoy the fresh air and you can monitor their movements.


Fortunately, all short-haired cats, including the Siamese, can make do with few or no baths.

But if you have to wash your Siamese cats, do so once or twice a month with pet-approved shampoo.

Human shampoo may contain harsh chemicals that make the coat dry and break.



The Siamese cat sheds just like other cats.

But the Siamese cat shedding is minimal compared to other felines.

Brushing the cat’s coat once or twice a week will help reduce pet dander around the home.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Siamese cats can thrive indoors because they tend to be independent. But this cat breed also has an adventurous side that will occasionally have them exploring the outdoors. Constant play will keep an indoor Siamese cat happy.


A purebred Siamese cat sheds minimally because of the shorthaired coat. But Siamese mix cat that adopted a longhair coat will shed a lot. If a Siamese cat is crossbred with another shorthair cat, then shedding will be minimal.

Excessive shedding may only happen when the cat is molting. This is around Spring or Fall season when a Siamese cat is preparing for the change in weather. Regular brushing and a pet fabric cover can help control the shedding around the home.

A Siamese cat sheds less but is in no way hypoallergenic. What people react to is the proteins contained in the cat’s hairs, saliva, and urine. An air purifier could help reduce allergic reactions when living with a Siamese cat.


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