How Does A Dog Feel When Rehomed? Is It Traumatic?

How Does A Dog Feel When Rehomed

If we have a dog, it is a part of our family.


As much as possible, we want them to stay by our side until they pass and go to “Doggie Heaven.”


We want to provide a fur-ever home for our pets.


But sometimes, life has a funny way of turning our situation around where we do not have a choice but to rehome our furry friends.


In today’s article, we will be answering the question, “How does a dog feel when rehomed?”


If pet owners feel emotional when the moment that we have been dreading comes, so will our furry friends.


They, too, have treated us like family, and just the sight of you walking away and abandoning them will be too heartbreaking for your dog.


But how will your dog feel in the days to come?


Will they get over the fact that you will no longer be their owner?


Will they carry with them this devastating experience?


How Dogs React to A New Owner

adopted dog


Your dog’s reaction will depend on various factors like the dog’s age, their former living situation, and the current environment they are in.


pet owners have to know that rehoming is very stressful for a dog.


It is prevalent for them to undergo anxiety and depression, especially if they have treated them as a part of the family.


Undoubtedly, the dog will miss its old owner, and it probably won’t play, eat, or even sleep in the first few days.


There may also be times when they will cry unceasingly, hoping that their previous owners will get them back.


The same applies to dogs who came from abusive or neglectful home.


They too will have to adjust to their new environment and even exhibit signs of fear or aggression in the first few days.


How to Help Your Dog’s New Home Adjustment?

Is it traumatic for dogs? yes, it is.


However, you can do a few things as an owner to help them get through the process smoothly.


The first to do is meet the new family you will be sending your dog to.


Have a small chat with them and when you do, make sure to bring your dog with you.


It will help your dog feel a sense of safety and security in the presence of other people because you are with them.


To help prepare for your dog’s transfer to a new home, you can have their kennel set up in one corner of the house where it is quiet and peaceful so that they can go there whenever they are being sad, anxious, and stressed.


The dog’s food and drinks must also be the same as the ones they’ve had before in their former home.


If possible, bring their old toys with them.


These toys have your memories embedded in them, and your dog can cling to them whenever they need comfort.


If you recently owned a rehomed dog, it is essential to be patient with them.


Just as we humans need some time to get over a considerable heartbreak or disappointment, so do our furry friends.


Show support, love, and care by understanding and trying your best to gain their trust and passion.



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How Long Will It Take for Your Dog To Trust Its New Owners?

adopted puppy


If your dog is a puppy or those who are three months old or younger, then the transition will undoubtedly be quick.


At this age, a deep bond has not been formed between the two of you yet, so that they can adjust to having a new owner almost instantly.


However, if your dog is already old and if they came from a family who has given them unconditional love and care, then it will take a few days, even a few weeks before they can get accustomed to their new home and owners.


Those dogs who came from toxic or unhealthy environments would take weeks, even months, before they start to warm up to their new owners.


What you would need to get them to trust you are patience and understanding.



How does a dog feel when rehomed? Is it traumatic?


Yes, it is traumatic, stressful, and heartbreaking to rehome dogs.


But then again, this depends on the age of the dog when the transition happened.


As pet owners, we must realize that having pets is like having an additional family member.


We cannot merely want dogs one day and decide to abandon them the next.


We can have anything we want in the world, but we are the world for our dogs.


They would like nothing else than to be loved and cared for by the people they consider to be their family.


So the next instance you are thinking of buying or adopting a dog, make sure that you can carry the responsibility that it brings and provide for them a fur-ever home.


Not something temporary, but something that they can have and cherish with their short life here in this world.


Consider your capabilities, your environment, and even your financial setting before opting to have a furry friend.


The decision to let go of your dog relies solely on you.


If only your dog could let you know what’s on its mind, then surely, it would not want to be separated from you.


Having a dog is a responsibility, and this is something that you should not take lightly.


Be a responsible pet owner. Make sure to stick to your decision to be a fur parent until the very end.


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