Does My Dog Think We Are A Pack?

Does My Dog Think We Are A Pack

You have probably seen movies about animals and how they create a pack and look at one of their pack members as the “alpha” or their “leader”.


You might be wondering, “Does my dog think we are a pack?“.


The short answer is yes, your dog thinks that both of you belong to a pack.


Now, all you must do is figure out whether your dog views you as the “pack leader” or if they think of themselves as the Alpha.


Does My Dog See Me as Pack Leader?

Dogs are naturally pack animals, and most of the time, they see their owners as the pack leader.


But if you want to be sure, you can check out some specific actions to indicate this.


Signs That Your Dog Looks At You As The Pack Leader

dogs trailing a human


Here are some signs your dog sees you as the pack leader:


Your dog follows you a lot

If there are five members in your family and your dog seems to be following you around the most, that simply means that they view you as their pack leader and are willing to follow you around wherever you go and whatever you might be doing!


Your dog views you as someone who will lead the way.


You can also notice the way your dog lets you walk through a door first.


It means that your dog is confident in you leading the way and protecting them from any harm that might be present.


Way to go, Alpha!


Your dog does not steal your food

Your dog’s one way of showing that they view you as their pack leader is by showing you respect.


They will not steal your food from the plate, but this does not mean that they will give you that look wherein they will be “guilt-tripping” you in giving them a piece of your chicken.


Talk about strategy!



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Your dog continually seeks your love and affection

It means that they are making sure that you approve of them and adore them in all ways possible.


Having your affection means a lot to your dog because they think highly of you as their pack leader.


Your dog looks away first

Whenever you are disciplining your dog, the tendency is you will be making eye contact with them to stress your point.


You will notice that your dog would either shy away, not look at you directly, or look you in the eyes but break eye contact first because of guilt.


It is one of the ways for you to know if a dog views you as their Alpha because making direct eye contact means “intimidation,” and this is especially true in the animal world.


Breaking eye contact shows “submission” and signifies that they view you as someone in authority.



So, am I the pack leader in my dog’s eyes? Well, yes, you can be.


However, you need to remember that being in a pack and being the pack leader also leaves you with the responsibility of making your dog feel loved, safe, and secure.


Let your dog know that they made the right decision of looking at you as their Alpha by taking care of them and giving them all the love and affection that they deserve.


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