How Long Can A Dog Hold Its Poop?

How Long Can A Dog Hold Its Poop

This is very important knowledge for dog owners to avoid getting a mess when they come home.


It is helpful to those dog owners who do not have dog flaps on their doors and tend to leave their dogs indoors for a couple of hours.


Some dogs usually like to help themselves immediately after eating while others tend to prefer waiting a bit of time before they go to poop.


In whatever case, it is good to know that holding poop for long periods may cause your dog to get sick.


How long can a healthy dog hold its poop?

For healthy adult dogs, usually can hold their poop and pee for about 8 hours when they are put in search of a situation.


That is the standard time but it can be affected by other conditions.


What conditions are these that can make your dog unable to hold their poop for that long?

  • Your dog’s diet
  • If your dog has any health problems.
  • If your dog is old.


How long can a dog hold its poop after mealtime?


It varies from dog to dog because dogs are extremely different.


As I said before, some dogs prefer to go out to do their business immediately after mealtime while others simply prefer to hold it in for a longer time.


This means that it is important to learn how your dog operates to avoid coming home to messes that could have been calculated and avoided.


You will know whether to install a dog flap on your backyard door or to not leave your dog unattended for long hours.


How long can adult dogs hold their poop willingly?

dog holding its pop


Adult dogs can hold their poop for a maximum of 8 hours.


They do this when they have no option such as when they are alone in the house.


When they are put in a situation where they have to hold their poop, they tend to become very anxious and restless.


They will want to relieve themselves as soon as possible.


Some dogs which have been trained can afford to wait for that long but they also have their breaking points.


When the dog reaches that point, it would rather save itself the discomfort and relieve itself in the house.


When you cannot get home in time to let your dog out for its daily walk where it relieves itself, it is better to get someone who you trust to get your dog for you.


This helps you avoid the mess.


If by any chance, your dog ends up messing the house, you need to remain calm and do not visibly show your anger.


You are a dog owner — meaning you signed up for all this.


And these are one of the few downs you get to undergo with your dog.


Instead, take time to comfort them and take them out on a stroll if possible.


Puppies should not be left to hold their poop for more than one hour because they might pick up some behavior disorders.



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How long can a sick dog or an older dog hold its poop?

Elderly dogs usually can be seen to have some similarities with puppies.


This means that they should go out to do their business more often.


This is mainly because, elderly dogs, tend to need to poop more frequently as compared to younger dogs.


They usually need to go out almost after every meal.


When it comes to sickly dogs, especially those that have been hospitalized or just undergone surgery, they will probably be too weak to start holding poop for long periods of tie and in such cases.


It is best to consult your vet on whether your dog is safe to be taken out on a stroll where they can relieve themselves.


If possible, you should monitor the stool of your dog to get abnormalities: if there are any.


How long can a puppy hold its poop?

Due to their young age, they cannot go for long periods without relieving themselves.


They are unpredictable and until they get house-trained, they will empty their bowels more than once in your home.


Your puppy usually exhibits signs of wanting to go outside to relieve themselves such as:

  • Sniffing around
  • Restless behavior which shows your puppy has anxiety
  • Circling the same place
  • Scratching at the door


Can your dog get sick from holding poop for so long?

constipated dog


Yes, it can .it is unhealthy to let your dog hold poop for too long.


This is because, when poop is held in, it becomes reabsorbed into the body.


And can lead to an increase in bacteria in the abdomen leading to abdominal pain in your dog.


Dogs do not like to hold in poop.


So if your dog is holding in poop, it would be best if you got them checked by the vet because that is unusual behavior.


What are the reasons why your dog may go a whole day without pooping?

Once you notice this, it is important to notify your vet because it may mean your dog is constipated.


Your dog, if healthy, should poop an average of five times a day depending on some factors.


To help your dogs pass their poop with ease, it is important to add fiber to the food you are feeding your dog — An example of this is spinach.


This may mean that you may have to change your dog’s diet altogether.


Dogs may have other issues when it comes to pooping.


This can be an issue where your dog is passing extremely loose stool or diarrhea.


Diarrhea makes your dog pass a very soft stool when they go to their business.


It can easily be caused by eating rubbish or food that has gone bad when playing outside.



Whenever your dog has an issue with passing poop, it is important to always consult the vet before the situation gets too serious


Thus removing most of the early interventions off the table.


Early consultation will prevent the situation from becoming more serious.


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