What to Look Out For When Buying a Pug?

This is a dog with a wrinkly short-muzzle face and a curled tail.


It usually has a fine and glossy coat.


It is originally bred by the Chinese.


They have a lifespan of about 15 years.


What you should know before getting a pug;


1. They will follow you everywhere

pug follows


If you don’t like dogs that are clingy and follow you everywhere, it might be best to rethink your decision to get a pug.


They tend to always be beside their owners at every point of the day even when going to the bathroom.


If you’re not ready for that, it would be best to get another dog or you might make your pug sad when you go to Target without him.


2. They can fall sick very easily

This means that you will have to have your vet’s number on speed dial at every time of the day.


They aren’t sickly often but can have several health issues here and there that you have to familiarize yourself with.


This means you have to be extremely observant when it comes to your pug.


Here are some symptoms that you need to look out for:

  • A lot more of eye scratching than usual
  • Allergies to various foods
  • Odd reaction to vaccines
  • Slight problems with breathing


3. They need a lot and we mean, a “lot” of attention

You may tend to think it is an exaggeration but it is important you understand this.


Pugs love attention more than other dogs and if you’re not ready for that type of commitment, you would rather get another dog as a pet.


They just like to be around their owners.


This means you need to have a schedule that fits them in it because you and your pug need to get time to bond.



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4. They love physical activity

This means they like to be active for some part of their day.


Don’t get me wrong, they love their naps but they aren’t built to laze around the whole day.


You have to take them for regular daily walks and give them sufficient time to play.


This will require making your work schedule such that it has some time set aside for daily walks or you could get someone to walk your dog.


5. They tend to shed a lot

They shed everywhere, the couch, bed even the kitchen.


This means you need to be prepared for a lot of cleaning regularly.


Most books about pugs say that pugs are low to medium shed breeds.


But some pugs are double-coated thus the shedding can become unruly at times.


6. They can be intrusive in your space

When getting a pug, it is important to realize that your space becomes yours.


It is important to make the place as dog friendly as possible, measures such as not leaving toxic substances like chocolates around.


They also tend to be very comfortable with people quite easily and dogs too.


This makes it easy for conflict to come up between them and your pug.


It can be because some dogs don’t take it friendly when a random dog just comes to it.


For humans, it might be because they get allergic reactions to dogs or they simply are scared of dogs.


7. They love to make funny sounds

Pugs like to make funny sounds especially when they are sleeping at night or when they are taking naps during the day.


The ten to wheeze, snort, and make other weird sounds.


This means if you easily get startled by things at night when you sleep, it is advisable to get earplugs for your night sleep comfort.


8. They are stubborn

stubborn pug


They tend to go after what they want relentlessly especially if it is food.


This means that they are not the most obedient dog breed out there but is it always important to correct them with love and use positive teaching methods.


All this requires a massive amount of patience.


9. They are versatile

They have very accommodating personalities thus making them have the ability to interact with people of ages; from grandparents to young toddlers.


10. They require moderate temperatures to survive

Pugs usually have breathing issues thus making temperature a vital condition for them to survive.


They do not do well in humid areas or extremely hot areas; they prefer moderate temperatures.


This particular breed must stay away from the outdoors in extreme weather conditions such as storms and during winter.


11. They are smart

Pugs are extremely smart dogs even though most don’t go through training.


They can still be easily trained in agility detecting various scents and tracking.


They can be posted to work with the authorities after undergoing training.


12. They will eat almost anything

They tend to be very food-driven.


This means they will eat anything and everything in their way.


This makes it very important for you as the owner to avoid leaving toxic foods just casually laying around because some human foods can be fatal to a pug.


Due to its nature, it is important to fit regular exercise together with a healthy diet in its schedule.


It is also advisable to limit its treats to avoid diseases such as obesity.


13. They are lovable creatures

They are the type of dogs one easily gets attached to very fast.


You will become the best of friends in such a short time.


Pugs love all forms of physical contact like cuddling and belly rubs.


They will give you unconditional love and will expect It shown back.


They also make exceptional family dogs because of their loving personalities.



Pugs can be very high maintenance dogs and it is important to know that before deciding to get one for yourself or your family.


On the bright side, once you get a pug, they don’t ever leave your side both literally and figuratively.


So, what are you waiting for? Get one today!


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