What Causes English Bulldogs To Limp?

What Causes English Bulldogs To Limp

English bulldogs make good pets but they suffer from several health issues.


This is usually because of how they are bred.


Limping on either the front legs to back legs is more often one of the common health issues that English bulldogs tend to suffer from.


The limping in some cases happen due to their sleeping position which is usually very minor and ends up wearing off.


This is usually expected to wear off in a few minutes and your dog will be back to its normal self once more.


If you notice the limp becoming persistent for a few more days, it may be a soft tissue injury in the leg.


This means it could be a sprain in your dog’s joints and will clear in a week or so. It would be wise to add some painkillers you could get from your vet.


The above, however, should not make you dismiss any sort of limp from your bulldog.


This means no matter how small you think the situation is, your first resolution should always be to call your vet.


Apart from the above minor reasons, why exactly is my dog limping? Below are both the major and minor reasons as to why your English bulldog may be limping:


Minor reasons as to why your bulldog is limping on its back legs

french bulldog limping


1. They may have injured claws

When your dog breaks its claw, it is usually extremely painful and may cause your dog to limp.


The pain gets worse when the broken claw gets to the nerve ending.


2. They may have gotten stung thus have a lingering wound

A dog likes to be in the open thus may end up interacting with dangerous animals that may sting them such as bees and wasps.


The sting will cause some lingering pain thus giving your dog a slight limp.


3. They may have a muscle injury

Bulldogs are extremely prone to such and may have strained their leg or muscle when playing or walking around thus causing them to limp.


4. They may have over-exerted themselves

Not to say that English bulldogs are delicate creatures but they are they may start to limp after some exercise.


The limping does not stay for long periods.


All they need is water and some ample time to rest and recover.


Serious reasons as to why your bulldog is limping on its back legs

english bulldog limping

As we have said, it is important not to self-diagnose it instead always seek the advice of your vet before doing anything.


This is because your dog may be suffering from one of the serious conditions below:


1. It could be a case of torn ligaments

Damage to your dog’s ligaments may happen when your dog twists its legs as it jumps.


It is usually very painful but is easily treatable by a vet.


2. It could also be a luxating a patella

The hard vocabulary here is to mean the dislocation of the kneecap.


It is an injury common to English bulldogs and shows itself with a massive limp and you will notice your dog in pain.


3. It may be physical leg injuries such as fractures, breaks, and dislocations

As written above, English bulldogs can be prone to leg injuries and because of their genes and may hurt themselves when moving around.


4. It might be a symptom of hip or elbow dysplasia

English bulldogs are prone to these types of injuries.


The dysplasia can happen on either the front leg which is elbow dysplasia or on the hind legs which are hip dysplasia.


With this condition, it is important to take your dog to a vet.


5. It could also be a sign of inflammatory disease

Your English bulldog may have this inflammation on their legs.


One of the signs of this is when you notice your dog struggling to stand thus keep on pushing its weight from one leg to another to reduce the inflammation effect.


6. It could be a sign of cancer of the bone

This is usually very rare but not impossible.


Bone cancer is mainly heard of in large breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds and rarely in smaller breeds like the English bulldog.


However, it is important to check this and confirm by doing a simple blood test of your dog’s blood.


7. It could also indicate arthritis

This is more prominent in the older generation of English bulldogs.


They begin to limp gradually and the joints become swollen over time. The vet can prescribe some painkillers for your dog.


8. It could be a symptom of neurological disorders

The limping in this case may be a sign of lameness.


This happens when the dog’s spine is injured and may cause limping in the earlier stages of the condition.



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9. It could be a sign indicating valley fever

It is a symptom that is independent of your dog’s age.


It is a fungal disease that causes infected dogs to limp; whether puppies or fully grown dogs.


Serious reasons as to why your bulldog is limping on its front legs


It could be a case of elbow dysplasia

It is usually common in English bulldogs and happens due to the lack of uniform growth of bones in the front legs of your dog.


It happens when the cartilage fuses to the elbow bone thus the elbow joint is pushed out of its rightful position.


One of the signs to tell this is some obvious swelling.


It could also be a sign of hip dysplasia

It is when your dog’s hip joints do not form properly when they were young and thus leads to them having a limp.



Final Thoughts

From the above, it is safe to assume that limping doesn’t always warrant that your dog has a serious issue.


But it is always important to ensure that you visit a vet for a checkup any time it happens.


Seeking a vet consultation early will allow you to explore quick and effective early interventions before it is too late.


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