Why Do Dogs Hang Their Heads While Standing? (9 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Hang Their Heads While Standing

Dogs indeed do many goofy things, but one irresistibly cute thing they always do is hanging their heads while standing.


Regardless of a dog’s age, breed, size, or gender, it is common to see them do this whether they are lying down or while they are standing.


Some reasons why your dog might be doing this include easing pressure from the spine, keeping an eye on things, and letting you know that they are comfortable with you.


In today’s article, we will share nine reasons why your dog hangs their head while standing.


Some of these reasons might surprise you!


But knowing them can help shed light on why your dog sometimes tends to hand its head even when standing.



1. Easing Pressure From The Spine

dog standing still


One of the reasons your dog hangs his head while standing up is that he is attempting to ease the pressure from his spine.


Think of it this way. Humans love to do this specific action, too, especially at the end of the day.


You stretch and even tilt your head a little to remove some of the built-up tension in your neck and spine.


Just like humans, your dog loves to release some of that built-up tension too!


2. Your Dog Is Comfortable With You

Whenever dogs are uncomfortable or uneasy, they would usually curl up in a ball to protect themselves or be able to fight if there is a threat to their safety immediately.


When your dog puts his head on the side, he exposes parts of his neck, which means that he trusts you, and being around you makes him comfortable enough to reveal his weak spots.


It is one sure-fire sign that your dog trusts you and that he is comfortable being in your company.


3. Keeping An Eye On Things

Another reason why your dog hangs his head while standing up is that they like to keep a close eye on things.


It is so that they can easily see what is in front of them. It will keep them alert and prepared to quickly run or escape if they see anything that looks threatening around them.



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4. Cooling Down

Unlike us, dogs do not possess the same sweat glands that efficiently help the body cool down when the temperature gets too hot.


Most dogs tilt hang their heads while standing up to let cold air reach the lower or the opposite parts of their bodies.


The more your dog does this specific action, the more they want to feel cooler.


It is usually evident in the summer season when your dogs like to feel cooler.


5. They Are Curious

Dogs usually hang or tilt their heads if something piques their interest or curiosity.


You can see this expression in your dog, especially if they see something new or something out of the ordinary.


It is just like a person tilting his head whenever they hear or see something odd or weird.


The same goes for your dogs.


6. Listening Closely To Something

dog eavesdropping


Humans can hear sounds regardless of where it is coming from.


While dogs, on the other hand, would have to hang or tilt their heads to trace where a particular noise is coming from.


It is true, especially for dogs with heavy ear flaps.


These flaps cover their ear canals entirely and interfere with the sound wave transmissions.


This is why they need to tilt or hang their heads to hear exactly where a sound is coming from.


While they have no problems hearing even the slightest or faintest of sounds, they might have a bit of trouble finding out where it is coming from.


Hence, the head tilt.


7. Your Dog Is Paying Attention

If you are standing in front of your dog and telling him something, you might notice that there are instances when your dog hangs or tilts his head sidewards.


It is because your dog is paying attention to what you are saying, and they are trying to listen precisely to what you are telling them.


He is also letting you know that he is paying attention to you and not ignoring you.


It is usually accompanied by eye contact.


8. Ear Infection

As it turns out, constant head hanging or tilting, even if not associated with communication, can mean that your dog has an existing medical problem.


An infection in the external ear canal caused by bacteria or yeast may result in itching, pain, and tilting their heads occasionally.


They do this because they feel an irritating or uncomfortable sensation in their ears.


And so, they tilt their heads sideways to “get rid” of whatever is bothering them in their ears.


9. Neurological Problem

Last but not least, your dog may display this hanging or tilting of the head to the side because he has a Vestibular disease.


The loss of balance and wobbliness often characterizes it, and both cats and dogs can suffer from this disease.


It is a neurological problem and if your dog hangs or tilts his head constantly, even without any communication or auditory stimulation, then take him to the Veterinarian immediately.


Key Takeaway

Hanging or tilting his head sideways is usually expected for dogs, especially when auditory stimulation or communication is involved.


However, if your dog does this too often, you should have him checked for possible infections or unknown diseases.


It is always better to be prepared and safe than sorry.


Remember that part of being a responsible pet owner is always choosing what is best for your furry friends.


After all, you are all they have in this world.


Show them the love and care they deserve because you might have anything else in the world other than your furry friends — you have your friends, family, career, or business, but for your dog, you are the world.


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