Why Do Dogs Jump On In Circles? (8 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Jump On In Circles

Dogs are generally energetic pets with a lot of energy and spirit within them.

Most of them find it hard to stay calm and in one position for a long time. They find fun in exploring and jumping around as they express themselves through nature.


Dogs like to jump in circles as soon as they are in nature. The jumping can be caused by their excitement where they are excited to be let outdoors, it can also be because of some crippling anxiety. It is important to find out the reason for the jumping to make sure it is not a medical issue.


It is important to know why your dog jumps in circles to understand whether it is a normal thing to do or not and how to help your dog if it is a serious problem.

Below is more on why dogs jump in circles and how to reduce or prevent the behavior.


What is the cause of jumping in circles?

golden retriever jumping

It is always important to understand the root and cause of the behavior to know how to solve it.

For you to know why your dog is jumping in circles, it is key to observe when your dog does it; this helps to know the reason why your dog is jumping.

Does your dog jump in circles during these times:

  • Before mealtime or around then
  • Before being let out to go do their business
  • Right Before their bedtime
  • Before being let out to play or for their regular walks

It can also be important to note whether they jump or circle before dropping down.



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After noting the above, here are some of the reasons why your dog may be jumping in circles:


1. Your dog is excited

This is especially if the dog has seen something exciting.

For example, if your dog has seen you after a long time, maybe after a trip. They may jump around in excitement.

This is perfectly normal behavior and should not be cause for alarm.


2. It is part of their normal behavior

For one to be able to mark it off as normal behavior, it would be advised to take a trip to the vet to confirm it as normal behavior which could be caused by their emotions.

For example, if your dog is normally hyperactive, jumping around in circles every once in a while should not be any cause of concern.


3. Your dog may be suffering from anxiety

This happens especially if your dog has a rough time before you adopted them.

They may jump around to calm their racing thoughts and their anxiety.

It is important to know your dog’s history to be able to help them out in such times.

Like humans, your dog may require some reassurance that everything is okay.

This means that you should pay them more attention in case you notice their anxiety creeping thus helping them to relax a bit.


4. It is a natural response to attacks from larger dogs

Your dog may jump or run in circles when they feel threatened by attacks from larger dogs.

This can be seen when a larger dog is in your dog’s presence.

They do that when they feel insecure and threatened by the other dog’s presence.



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5. They may want to go out and do their business

As said before m, it is important to note when your dog starts to jump in circles.

In this case, it may be a simple reason as to they want to be let out to go to the garden to do their business and may jump around to either show you that they need to be let out or to show their restlessness.


6. They may be jumping around because they are restless

Your dog may be restless, they may want to move around and if they are not comfortable in the spaces they are in, they may jump around to show their restless in the hope of being let out.


7. They may do it as a way of sniffing around an area

This mostly happens when your dog is new to the area.

They may go sniffing around to familiarize themselves with the area.

It helps calm their nerves and helps them be comfortable.


8. It may be a health issue that needs to be checked out

If the behavior is out of control, it is always advisable to see a vet because your dog may be suffering from some health issues such as inner ear disease and vestibular disease as well.

It may also be a sign of an injury you may not have noticed that may need to be treated or properly dressed up.


How to stop the jumping?

dog jumping

In most cases, jumping is usually normal and is something that happens rarely or it happens only in specific situations.

However, if the jumping becomes a cause for concern, the following steps should be taken:


1. Identify when your dog starts to jump excessively and try to tie it to a particular happening.

This is, for example, if they do it when they want to be let out of the house.

The reason is established as them wanting to leave the house.


2. If you can reduce or remove the action causing the jumping, especially those that cause anxiety, please do so.

This means that, if they want to be let out and when they are not they start to excessively jump, you could install a doggie flap so they can easily leave the house and come back in.


3. Try to rectify the situation further, as you shower your dog with immense support and love.


4. If all the above fails, it is then advised to go see a vet to find out whether it could be a health issue.

This is always the best solution because your vet will most of the time know what to do because of their experience with other dogs.

If it is normal behavior with your dog, your vet will let you know, if not your vet will subject them to some tests to find out the problem.


Final Thoughts

From the above, it is safe to say that dogs jumping in circles is very common to many dogs and should not be a cause of worry. If it is, it is always best to visit a vet for a proper diagnosis.


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