Why Do Dogs Like Clicking Noises? (5 Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Like Clicking Noises

Animals respond differently to the sounds or noises we make, depending on what they have associated these certain sounds with.

For a cat, a “psss psss psss” will surely grab their attention.

For a dog, some sweet kissing noises would get them on their feet and rushing to you.


Aside from the adorable kissing noises, you make when trying to get your dog’s attention, dogs are attracted to another form of sound – clicking noises. Why does this sound catch their attention, and why do dogs like clicking noises? Well, it could be that they are curious, or maybe because of something else.


Reasons Why Dogs Like Clicking Noises

Most dogs seem to have a considerable reaction whenever they hear clicking noises.

Regardless of what they are doing, they would run immediately to you when they hear this clicking noise and walk and jump around frantically as if expecting something.


Here are some reasons why dogs like the clicking sound:


1. Breastfeeding

mother dog breastfeeding

As it turns out, most dogs have associated these clicking sounds with breastfeeding.

Amazingly, these clicking noises do resemble the good small pups make whenever their mothers are breastfeeding them.

It is why, whenever they hear the clicking sound, they rush to wherever the sound is coming from in hopes of getting a dose of warm milk from mama dog.


2. Connection with owner

These clicking noises may sound the same to humans, but each clicking noise has a different meaning for dogs.

For instance, a calm and soft clicking sound may mean that you are telling your dog to lie down, relax, or drop what they are doing.

Whereas a fast and upbeat clicking sound may mean that you are encouraging whatever it is that your dog is doing.

Each clicking noise may have different meanings, depending on the connection and bond that you have formed with your dog.

In other words, these clicking noises are the language that you and your dog share.


3. Treat time!

Another reason dog seems to be amazed or excited whenever they hear a clicking noise is because they have been trained that whenever they hear this sound, something good is coming – this may either be a treat or may also mean that it is playtime.

Most dogs have been trained with a clicker to enforce positive behavior, and this comes in handy.

For instance, if it is the middle of the night and your dog is still out playing in the yard.

You do not want to shout while calling your dog and disturb your neighbors, so what you can do is make a clicking sound instead.

Your dog, having associated this clicking sound with something good, would surely rush back to your house.


Of course, if you do this, you must be ready to follow up with a treat for your dog.

Otherwise, they will not respond positively to these clicking noises the next time around.



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4. They want your affection

These clicking noises may be the same as the kissing noises you make whenever you show your dog love and affection.

It is one of the reasons why your dog might come rushing to you whenever they hear you making a clicking sound.

Just as you should follow up on a treat to reinforce good behavior to your dog, if you make these clicking sounds and your dog comes to you, do not forget to give them a hug and a peck on the cheek as well.


5. They are curious

If your dog was not trained to react to a clicking sound, then maybe your dog is curious as to what that sound is.

Naturally, your dog will come rushing if they hear something off or different, and they would investigate whatever it is that is making that unusual sound.

And if, after investigation, they find something positive, they will keep coming to you when you make a clicking sound or hear something similar.

For example, you made a clicking sound, and your dog approached, then you show it affection or give it a treat.

The next time you make the same noise, they will think of either affection or a treat.



Is A Clicker Good for Your Dog?

dog with clicker

A clicker is a conditioned reinforcer, and if you want to teach your dog good behavior and conduct or if you need to train them to come to you whenever they hear this sound, then you can use a clicker.

However, you must remember that you always must follow through once you have associated this sound with a treat or a reward.

You can prepare small amounts of chicken, cheese, or dog treats while trying to train your dog to respond positively whenever they hear a clicking sound.


You can also use a clicker or something similar if you are trying to train your dog or teach them some tricks!

Suppose your dog has associated a specific action with a reward.

In that case, chances are, they will be learning those tricks faster and will always exhibit good behavior, especially when they hear that clicking noise!

You can also add words of encouragement like “good boy!” or “well done!” to let your dog know that they did a good job.

Therefore, they would know that whenever they do good, a treat would surely follow.


Key Takeaway

There are various reasons why a dog likes or responds positively whenever they hear a clicking sound.

It may be because they have associated this with a mother’s love, they have a unique “language” that only exists between them and their owners, they know that a treat or a reward is coming, this sound is making them curious, or they want your affection.

Only you can figure out what this sound means for your dog, but of course, it would be best if you can use this sound both to you and your dog’s advantage.

Use these clicking noises to train your dog to respond or react in certain situations, use them to teach them new tricks, and use them to enforce good behavior.


Just remember to do it not only with patience but also with love. After all, that is what having a dog is all about.


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