Why Do Cats Make Clicking Noises?

Why Do Cats Make Clicking Noises

Ever walked in on your cat making clicking sounds while staring out a window?

No doubts you found that weird especially when Whiskers has never displayed this behavior before.

You are about to find out why your cat makes clicking noise and whether it is healthy for the feline.


Behavioral experts believe that a cat making clicking sounds is a sign of anticipation or frustration. Cats are predatory creatures and they make this clicking noise when pursuing prey. If they feel ready to take down the prey but cannot get to the prey, they will chatter repeatedly out of frustration.


Chattering or chirping, you probably have asked yourself “why does my cat make a clicking noise once a while?”.

And when the feline does it, they maintain an intense gaze out the window and their whiskers seem to pull to the front.

The jaws also vibrate rapidly and the cat may pace around their gaze still fixed in a certain direction.


Generally, cat chirping occurs when a cat is interested in or provoked by prey- a bird, squirrel, or a rodent, for example.

-Dr. Erika Lofting, thedodo.com



If your cat chirps, chatters or makes a clicking noise, they are about to pounce on prey.

Behavioral experts equate it to the reaction humans have when staring at something exciting.


Do you know remember that new rush when unboxing a new toy or when you just closed a business deal and cannot wait to share with your associates?

That’s the same excitement cats have when they spot prey.


Cat making clicking sounds is a way of containing this excitement.

The same way you would bite your lip in anticipation of sharing a juicy secret to a friend.


But this clicking sound from cats could also mean something else.


Why does my cat make a clicking noise?

Why does my cat make a clicking noise

That clicking sound from your cat could also be a sign of frustration.

Your feline wants to get the prey so bad but they know it is out of reach.

This is why they would sit and gaze through the window as a bird flies about or a badger saunters by.


This clicking sound is often accompanied by a rested swinging of the tail.

Some cats will add a wail of despair because the prey is getting away and they need to do something fast.

The swing of the tail could also mean the cat is preparing to close in on its kill.


A cat making clicking sounds while outdoors is a sign they are about to attack.

The clicking noise will sound like chirping almost imitating the sound birds make.

Behavioral experts confirm that cats are capable of mimicry to fool their prey.


This may be done with the bird, which is the prey, suspects a predator is lurking.

The cat will remain still produce a clicking sound and wait for the prey to come investigating.

The swinging of the tail will happen just before the cat zeros in on the kill.


Should I be worried about my cat making clicking sounds?

It is easy to panic when your cat makes a clicking noise for the first time.

It almost sounds like they are running out of breath or choking.


But vets affirm that a cat making clicking sounds is a normal and acceptable behavior presented by cats.

Your cat making clicking sounds could be a way of warning you that a strange animal is lurking outside.

He could be alerting you to that dubious coon that always burrows holes through your garden or steals from the bird feeder.


The only time you should worry when your cat makes clicking noise is if they accompany it with a call (well, meow) of distress.


Different types of noises cats make

Different types of noises cats make


1. A short high-pitch noise

A short high-pitched meow is your cat’s way of saying hi.

They will run to you and circle your feet making those short meows.

Your cat may raise its front paws to your knees an indication they want you to pick them up and pet them.



🐱 Fun Fact

Mature cats developed the meow as a way of communicating mostly to humans.



2. Long high-pitched noise

A high-pitched drawn-out meow is your cat’s way of asking for something.

Your cat could be asking for food or they want to go out for a break.


3. Yowling

Cats yowl mostly when in distress.

A low prolonged yawn registers as complaining in the feline world.

Yowling is also common during mating season when a male and female cat are coming together.

But if the yowling goes on for more than two days, your cat could be sick or having a mental disorder.


4. Hissing

Hissing is a cat’s way of telling you to keep off.

It is a noise made when a cat is very angry and is likely to attack if continuously provoked.


5. Purring

Purring is the extreme opposite of hissing.

This is your cat’s way of saying I am happy or content.

Cats purr when you pet them or when they are deep in slumber.

Purring and kneading is a sign that your cat is comfortable.


Video: Why Do Cats Mumble & Chatter At Birds



It is normal if a cat makes a clicking noise when observing potential prey.

But if a cat making clicking sounds cries out at the same time, it could be a sign of distress.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Cat trilling is a high pitched chirping noise made by cats when communicating. It is a sound they make when greeting humans or other cats.

Cats make all kinds of sounds to communicate their feelings to humans. Purring is a sign of pleasure while hissing or snarling is a sign of anger. A cat’s body language accompanied by the sound they make can effectively communicate what they are feeling.

Cats with arthritis may make popping sounds because of deteriorated joints. The cracking sound increases if the joints become more damaged.

A cat making clicking sounds when walking is probably a sign of overgrown claws. The click sound could also come from joint bones that are moving around a lot due to weak or damaged tendons.


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