Why Do Dogs Like Crinkle Toys? (Crinkling & Squeaking Toys)

Why Do Dogs Like Crinkle Toys

Are you for or against crinkle or squeaky toys?

On one hand, your pup enjoys playing with it, on the other hand, it can be a nuisance to you as its human.

We think with the reasons we have found below you should allow your pup this pleasure, and you can manage it too, so it is less annoying.


Why Do They Love Crinkle Toys?

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1. It is down to Evolution

The sound reminds them of prey in fright and the crinkle is breaking bones.

It brings out the hunting trait in them, descended from their wolf ancestors. They take it as a sign to pounce and attack.

It is the same for big dogs and small dogs, they have the hunting instinct.


Although this is play, for some dogs it is best to not interrupt them while they do this.

This is the same reason they like soft plush toys because of how they feel sinking their teeth in and even balls that they can chase like chasing prey.


2. They love the sound

At first, dogs may be surprised by the sound but over time, after many pleasurable playing experiences, they associate it with happiness, joy and play.

If you squeeze a squeaky toy near them, they could get into the playful mood almost instantly.


3. They want your attention

Anything to get its human to pay attention to them. It cannot tell immediately you are upset by the sound but knows you will interact with him if he uses it.

And if you try to drag the toy away, he thinks you are ready to play with him.



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The Benefits Of Having A Crinkling Toy


1. Their chewing on their favorite toy is good exercise for their jawline and dentition.


2. It relieves boredom and stress by having their favorite toy with them and getting to play indoors.


3. Bond gets stronger. Being able to play with your dog with his toy is a great opportunity for you to bond with him, as he associates the joy with being with you.


4. It is a healthy outlet for your dog to just be a dog. Barking, howling and some other doggy things might be bothersome but unleashing his hunting instinct is a release that is beneficial.


5. It is a great training tool as it can be a reward for good behavior.

It gets them excited and can be a force for positive reinforcement.


Do not punish a dog for destroying a toy. Dogs should not be punished for their basic instinct of hunting the crinkling toy.

They are trained with instant gratification with every treat they are given for good behavior.

Your dog’s ultimate goal is to “kill” the crinkle toy, which means stopping the crinkle.

So, they might not want to stop till they get to the source and stop it.

It is their innate nature being let out.


Play Safely

Much like with babies playing with toys you must keep an eye on your dog as he plays with his.

It is very possible to wear a toy out over time and tear it apart.

If this happens the small noisy parts or the stuffing can get ingested and become a choking hazard to your dog or cause an obstruction in the digestive system.


How To Make Toys Last Longer?

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1. Buy more durable toys that can withstand the barrage of your pet. Crinkle toys that are sewn better will last longer. Or be ready to replace it often.


2. Make the toys “play with me” toys.

You, as the human, only play with your dog with these toys and then shut them away when playtime is over.

Not only will you be able to supervise their playtime so nothing happens, but the toy may last longer.


3. Know when your toy is wearing out and when to replace it. It is for the very reason we explained earlier of worn toys releasing the small parts that can be choking hazards.


4. To keep playtimes short, have a treat to exchange for the toy if your dog gets possessive.

Letting them win is euphoric for them, but they can also decide to celebrate by going into a corner to work on tearing it apart.

The treat is a good exit strategy.


If Your Dog Does Not Like Crinkle Toys

You are not alone. Squeaky toys and crinkle toys are different.

While most like squeaky toys and it is more available, crinkle toys that are usually made for cats do not last long with a dog.

In a few short bites, the sound is gone and they abandon the toy.

Squeaky toys can prolong the fun but at the end of the day, either of them may not be your dog’s favorite.

There are many forms of play, many forms of fun and many forms of toys to cater to this on the market.

Some dogs prefer to run, catch, tug; they have preferences just like us.


It is up to you as its human to find out what they like/love.

Make time to play with them — to bond with them.



Do not worry if your dog’s preference changes over long periods of time.

As puppies, they may be more playful and like squeakers, crinklers, and teething toys they can chew on.

In adulthood, they may like to run around a lot and love tennis balls to play fetch with and in old age, they like plush toys because it is soft and comforting.


If, however, they do have a sudden change in a short amount of time, you can tell your dog is not feeling like himself.

At this point, you can check him for any other signs or symptoms and contact a veterinarian if you notice anything that worries you or if his lethargic state is prolonged.


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