Why Do Dogs Lay Against Walls? (9 Possible Reasons)

Why Do Dogs Lay Against Walls

There are certain behaviors that are common in almost every dog.


Granted, every dog is different from the next one.


However, there are some tendencies that are often found to be prevalent in most of our dogs.


One such behavior is that of laying against walls.


There have been various reasons that have been put forward as the possible reasons why dogs love laying or leaning against the walls. Some people see this as their dog’s way of marking their territory! How is this so?

By leaning against the wall, dogs leave their scent or even odor, on the walls! Therefore, if another dog happens to pass by and sniff their smell, they would know that that particular turf is taken.

Other opinions are that dogs love laying on the walls to use the walls as a scratching surface and to relieve an itching sensation on their skin.


The possible reasons why a dog may have a habit of laying against a wall are diverse.


They may actually vary from one dog to the next.


You should therefore avoid generalizing it to other dogs.


In this post, we shall highlight the possible reasons for this strange laying on wall behavior by dogs.


Possible Reasons Why Dogs Lay Against Walls


1. They Want to Relieve an Itch

dog peeking


This is one of the simplest and most probable explanations for this behavior.


It is also the least worrisome. Itching may be caused by dry skin or flea bites.


You may see your dog settling in a corner and scratching the spot where it is itching really hard by using its feet.


However, other times you will find your dog leaning or laying against the wall.


It could be they are using the wall as a scratching surface.


Instead of coming to you and rubbing themselves against your legs, or using the furniture in your home, they will go for the wall.


2. They Are Trying To Mark Their Territory

What a weird way of claiming your turf this is! Now we all know how territorial dogs can be.


With all their playfulness. Our furry friends are very conscious about potential intrusion by others into the space they consider theirs.


So how do they mark their territory by using the wall you may ask?


As they lean against the wall, they are leaving their scent or odor on the wall.


Then, when other dogs come near the wall that your dog was leaning against, they will smell his scent and essentially get the message that this particular turf is taken!


They will be discouraged from sticking around and leave.


3. Your Dog May Be Stressed

Dogs get stressed just the same way we do. Oftentimes, you may see your dog retreat into a corner and stay quiet.


If you see that happen, they may be stressed and want to be alone.


It is the same way we behave as well.


By staying close to the wall, laying and leaning on it, your dog may just be trying to use that space to be alone.


They consider this their private spot at this particular moment in time.



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4. Your Dog is Not Yet Comfortable Around You or The New Environment

This will especially be applicable if you have recently acquired your dog.


It is common knowledge that they will have to adjust to their new surroundings before they feel comfortable enough.


In the meantime, the walls may offer them a bit of comfort in an unfamiliar place.


5. A Shy Dog Perhaps?

Sometimes, the issue may not be as grave as you may think.


Maybe your dog is just a little bit shy. It’s well known that shy people usually avoid making a lot of eye contact.


In the same way, a shy dog will prefer to stay a distance away from people and other animals.


This is perhaps the reason why your dog finds the wall area particularly consoling and comfortable for them.


6. Your Dog May Be Trying To Pick Up A Particular Smell That Pleases Him

dog sleeping against wall


Remember the strategy that dogs use to mark their territory by laying on the wall to leave their scent?


Well, this is something close to that.


Your dog may be laying against the wall because the wall has a smell that is pleasant or attractive to it!


They will therefore almost always be hanging around on the walls trying to take in as much of the smell as is possible.


7. It May Just Be A Case Of Them Craving For That Physical Contact

Our furry friends are known to love physical contact.


They love to cuddle with us, lick us, and be rubbed and touched.


They feel good whenever we make a lot of physical contact with them.


To them, the wall is just another thing that can offer them much-needed physical contact.


So we should not “hate”! If it works for them, it works.


8. Your Pup May Be Scared Of Being Around Humans

Perhaps your dog may have suffered from a traumatic experience caused by another person.


This will tend to make them scared of being around a place where many people are.


The walls may be the only “safe space” for them.


If this is the case, you will find your dog constantly laying against the wall where there are no people close by, to stay away.


9. Your Dog May Be Experiencing Some Pain In Their Joints Or Limbs

Constant laying against the wall may also be a cause for alarm.


Your pup may be experiencing some sort of pain in their limbs and joints.


They may therefore be using the walls to support themselves.


If you notice a limp or expression of pain, you need to assist your dog accordingly.


Final Thoughts

Laying or leaning of your dog against a wall may or may not signify a matter of concern.


It varies from dog to dog.


They may just be relieving themselves of an itch.


In other severe cases, this may be a sign that they are suffering from pain.


It is strongly advised to observe your dog when he is on the wall in case he requires medical attention.


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