Why Does My Dog Hate Being Picked-up?

Why Does My Dog Hate Being Picked-up

As co-fur parents, we understand that spending time with your dog is the most effective therapy after a long day in the office.

Your lazy afternoons are always best spent playing with your cuddly buddy.

The problem is, no matter how clingy you get with your dog, they do not seem to get the hang of being picked-up.


Often you would find them distancing themselves from you or wriggling out of your embrace.


Do not think that your dog hates you.


It is just may not like you carry it around.


Or maybe It is just like potty training.


It is a learned behavior.


There are generally three categories of dogs when it comes to picking them up: those that love it, those that tolerate it, and those that hate it.


For those belonging to the first category, picking up dogs is not an issue since they have a knack.


For the second category, the dogs are not fond of being carried, but they do not want to hurt your feelings.


The problem with this is that when you continue doing what they do not like, you might lose their trust.


That would sting. Some dogs just conceal themselves to avoid being carried around.


Or wriggle their way out once you catch them.


Some even growl at you. These are the ones in the third category.


What is the Reason Behind Their Dislike?

Dog being carried


Some dogs do not want skinship.


Some dogs just do not like being too high up off the ground.


If you want to know what is behind your dog’s dislike of being carried, for starters, ask yourself this question: am I lifting the dog properly?


If your answer is a blank stare, then it is safe to assume that you do not.


Dogs are more fragile than you think.


A common misconception in lifting dogs is placing your hands under their armpits and lifting them like dolls.


It strains their arms and shoulders, which might lead to dislocation.


Their suspended torso and legs contribute much to the weight of their arms support, which causes them pain.


Another mistake is by lifting the scruff of the dogs.


However, that is how momma dogs raised her pups when they were young.


It is not the most comfortable hold to give them.


If you do this, then you have an answer as to why your dogs do not as you pick them up.



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Proper Dog-Carrying Method

The proper way depends on your dog’s size.


For small dogs

place your dominant arm between his front legs towards his chest.


Then use your other arm to support his hind legs through the butt.


Tuck him between your arms and body so that he feels supported and safe.


For the medium to large dogs

use your dominant arm to support his butt area.


Your shoulder must provide support for the chest as your non-dominant arm wraps around the torso.


Slowly stand, tucking the dog firmly on your body.


Final Thoughts

If somehow you are carrying your dogs the proper way but still get resistance.


Then do sets of the appropriate carrying method for a few seconds, then set them down.


Give them treats after to condition them that there is a reward for allowing you to carry them.


Do this repeatedly, several times, until they get used to being moved around — properly!


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