Are Wax Melts Safe to Use Around Dogs?

Are Wax Melts Safe to Use Around Dogs

Candles and wax melts are perfect for your home as a freshener.


However, there are moments that you would not want to keep hold of them if you have a pet dog.


Dogs can easily mistake these as chewable, especially if they smell tasty.


But what if you arrived too late and your dog managed to swallow a piece?


What then? Read on to find out.


What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are small, meltable wax pieces that you can ignite to release pleasant fragrances in your home.


Wax melts come in bite-sized bits of compact wax that are a flame-free, handy way to perfume your house!


Wax melts are fixated in a stable wax casing and melted by applying fire onto the wick from a source.


Wax melts are usually small pieces that dogs can easily swallow, especially if it has a delicious smell.


If you have wax that smells anything fruity, that can easily attract your dog.


So, if you have one, then keep it as far away as possible.


Using Wax Melts Around Dogs – Is It Safe?

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Most wax melts consist of industrial ingredients.


Meaning that these compositions are derivatives from factory-produced materials such as artificial dyes, parabens, formalin, and other dangerous chemicals.


So, if you are using a wax melt that contains one or more of these ingredients, you might not want to use them around your dogs.


However, there are types of naturally-made wax melts available in the market.


These wax melts cost a little bit more expensive, but you can guarantee that it is safe for you and your dog.


Soy, particularly the ones used in making natural wax melts, is full of natural vegetable wax from renewable soya beans.


When used as the main ingredient in wax melts, this product will not harm your dog at all.


Also, most of the dog food products available in the market contain soy, so no need to worry about detrimental effects when you use soy-based wax melts.


How about puppies? Is it safe to use natural wax melts when they are around?


Thanks to their soy composition, naturally-made wax melts are non-toxic and even beneficial for them.


Regardless of their early age, soy does not pose any form of harm at all.



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Candle Scents to Stay Away for Your Dog’s Safety

To ensure a hundred percent safety for your dog, consider avoiding these scents, as they will pose harm to their health:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Peppermint
  3. Fir
  4. Sweet birch
  5. Tea tree (melaleuca)
  6. Wintergreen
  7. Ylang-ylang



How dangerous wax melts can depend on what type of wax melts you will use.


If it contains harmful, industrial chemicals or the seven scents mentioned earlier, do not use them.


Look for soy-based ones, as they are the safest wax melts choice that you can make!


And if your dog managed to swallow wax melt and is showing adverse reactions, bring them to your vet immediately to avoid grave consequences.


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