Why Does My Dog Hide in the Bathroom?

Why Does My Dog Hide in the Bathroom

It is another weekend of snowstorms, and you notice your dog pals running into the bathroom, hiding in fear and anxiety.


Can you relate to this?


This action is generally a reaction to shifts in the atmosphere or health conditions.


Hiding is not a unique trait for cats.


Our dogs hide as well, and this phenomenon is typical.


As per Dr. David Dilmore, DVM, from the Banfield Pet Hospital, hiding dogs in places such as bathrooms also happens when they feel anxious or uncertain.


So, are you wondering why do dogs hide in the bathroom?


Discover in this article how to manage your dog’s hiding, if this trait warrants a vet’s care, and identify the root of why the dog does this.


Why Does My Dog Hide in the Bathroom?

a dog on toilet


When dogs are afraid, stressed, or anxious, they cower and look for “safe” places.


For some dogs, this safe place should be dark spaces where it can soothe their stressful circumstances.


In this case, the bathrooms fit the bill.


The couch is another go-to place, as well.


If your pet dog always disappears, you may be asking if this action is natural.


The change in its surroundings is the most critical thing to observe and is the most compelling reason why dogs hide in the bathroom.


Does It Suggest Health Problems?

Much of the time, a dog that hides in bathrooms leads to shifts in its daily routine.


But, if you have a rough time finding a substantial improvement, remember your dog’s welfare.


In certain situations, canine hiding points to a welfare problem.


Some dogs hide because they do not feel good, and they do not want any disturbance.


They just want to be alone.


When your dog persistently hides in the bathroom, and you find some indications that it does not feel well, it is better to call your doctor that will help identify the root cause of this.



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Can You Avoid This Kind of Behavior? 

It is impossible not to find yourself in pain while your dog suffers from something.


Here is what you should do while your dog hides in the bathroom:


1. Stay on track

Keep your usual schedule as coherent as you can.


That means drinking, exercising, and interacting with the dog only at the time it used to.


2. Give a comfort level

Have a secure spot for the dog to run.


A peaceful room where the dog can be in peace or to ease the fear.


3. Interact with them carefully

Do not force your pet dog to get along with unfamiliar pets or people.


Allow it to make an initiative of interacting.


4. Avoid being too loud

Dogs feel anxious when their environment is noisy.


So, keep your voice neutral and avoid shouting.


When playing music, do not hit the volume too loud. That may scare your dog.



As described, dog hiding in the bathroom is typically a sign of tension on your dog, although in special cases, it is a sign of a health condition.


How are you going to know the difference?


Recognizing your dog’s daily behavior and monitoring the main improvements to its schedule is key to determining the motives for why your dog hides in the bathroom.


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