Why Does My Dog Drink Water Too Fast?

dog drink water fast

You’re probably used to a case where your dog isn’t drinking enough water, so you see this as a typical problem that can be tackled.


However, when you notice your dog drinks water way too fast, it’s a whole new problem you now have to deal with.


Fortunately, we’re here to help you tackle it.


In this guide, we’ll discuss why your dog drinks water too fast, the health issues involved, and give you tips you can use in slowing the pace at which your dog drinks water.


To your thirsty dog, drinking at a fast pace is a natural occurrence, and yet drinking too quickly is never a wise move.


When your dog rapidly eats food, drinks water, he inhales a significant amount of air into his stomach.


When your dog gulps down water quicker than you can blink, discern if this is a habit or a symptom of a primary problem.


Before assuming that it’s a behavior, speak to your doctor to find out factors that can make your dog drink excessively.


Here are some of the reasons why your dog drinks water very fast:

  • There could be several reasons why your dog gulps down water too fast.
  • It could be an issue of behavior. However, it’s advisable to take this as a last option.
  • Evaluate your dog’s food. Foods that contain a high amount of sodium increase the dog’s thirst. Same with foods that are low in moisture. You can have your vet check your dog’s food and recommend better ones.
  • It could also be due to an underlying medical condition, so have your dog tested.
  • If your dog is one of the large varieties, gulping down water fast is most likely because of gravity.



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How to slow down his drinking pace 

Here are three recommended ways to slow your dog from drinking water too fast;


Try limiting their water supply

This is the least method to use to make your dog drink slowly, but it’s not always the quickest!


When you give them a smaller amount of water, you will still have to provide them with more water to make sure they’re having enough.


This is great for families who have been home most of the day and who can watch their puppy.


There’s a thin line between feeding the dog too much water and not having enough water.


We don’t recommend this approach if you’re not home all day to track your dog’s water consumption.


The risk of dehydration is just too high.


Try to give him ice cubes

dog eating ice cubes


Try to give your dog ice cubes if they seem to drink water too fast.


Doing that ensures that they drink water without swallowing much air.


Also, they are really fun to chase around. However, this is best done in the summer, because the ice cools down their body.


Sometimes, ice cubes can be messy and make your floor wet.


Hence, to avoid that, be sure to put the ice cubes in the drinking bowl of your dog.


The presence of the ice cubes in their bowl will slow their drinking.


Finally, you have to keep an eye on your dog so that they don’t swallow the ice cubes, as it could harm them.


Have a large object placed in their water drinking bowl

This is our ideal “hands-off” way of slowing down your dog while drinking water.


It works with all dogs. However, it works better for medium to big pups.


Put a baseball, or some related thing, in a bowl of water.


Having to lap the water around the ball will help to slow down their drinking.


If you don’t have a ball, a big rock will do, assuming that your dog doesn’t want to eat or chew.


Just make sure you rinse the rock well before you place it in the bowl.


One or two golf balls should do the trick for smaller dogs.


You may also use a float tub. Floater bowls are just as they look, tiny, floating bowls that rest in your dog’s water making them drink slower.


If you would not want to buy it, a better option is to use a smaller bowl placed upside down.


Just make sure that the bowl is floating to disrupt the water.


Bowls that can help in slowing your dog’s water drinking pace

bowl for dogs


We live in an innovation age and have access to too many resources to improve the quality of our dogs’ lives.


Here are a few other ways to slow down your thirsty bag.


These bowls cost a little money, but they’re all doing a fantastic job of achieving the objectives.


Elevated Water Bowl

Suitable for dogs with long legs or necks, high from the ground.


One reason a dog drink quickly is that they battle gravity to get water in their mouths.


This causes them to gulp desperately.


Elevated water bowls eliminate the need to combat gravity and gulping.


It further removes the chance of bloat, as the dog would not inhale as much oxygen when drinking.


Although elevated bowls are fantastic, ensure that your dog has learned how to drink water slowly before you let him be.


Slow eater bowl

Slow-eating bowls wouldn’t just have to be used for cooking.


The use of a slow-eating bowl is an amazing addition to a fancier drinking bowl.


However, you’re going to have to try to fill those more times than not because they don’t carry quite enough water.


Wrapping it up

Your dog might’ve been drinking too fast for his entire life, so learning to do something otherwise would take him some time.


Thus, you need to be patient, and if you keep trying relentlessly to prevent this habit, your dog’s drinking habits will eventually be immaculate.


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