Worst Method to Retrieve A Dog That Has Got Off-Leash (5 Least Effective Methods)

Worst Method to Retrieve A Dog That Has Got Off-Leash

You are taking your furry friend for a stroll one peaceful afternoon when suddenly, he got off-leash! You kept calling your dog’s name, but he does not seem to care.


Fret not because, in today’s article, we will be sharing with you the worst methods to retrieve your dog who has gotten off-leash, like shouting for him to come back or even running after him.


We will also be sharing with you the proven ways of how you can retrieve your dog if, by chance, he decides to make a run for it.

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, your dog might still get off-leash and sprint away.

Whatever your dog’s reason for running off is, there is a possibility that it may get lost or hurt if you do not retrieve it immediately.

When this happens, what should you do? And what are the least effective methods of trying to retrieve your dog who has got off-leash?



Least Effective Methods to Retrieve Your Dog That Has Got Off-Leash

Dog staring at the camera looks confused

Here are some of the methods that prove to be ineffective when trying to retrieve your dog:


1. Shouting

Yelling at your dog and telling them to come back or calling their name will only increase your dog’s level of excitement.

Thus, it will not entice your dog to come back to you.

Aside from this, your dog might also hear the anger or frustration in your voice which will drive them to run even further away from you.


2. Running After Your Dog

Another ineffective way to retrieve your dog after he has gotten off-leash is by running or chasing after him.

If you start chasing after your dog, he might think that the both of you are playing a game, and he will run further away from you so that you will not be able to “catch him”.


If you keep on chasing after him, your dog will continuously be delighted to play and will keep on running.

Remember that dogs will always outrun you because they have stronger stamina and an advantage in body build and size.


3. Punishing your dog

Once you have already gotten ahold of your dog, do not punish him.

It is probably one of the worst things you can do because your dog will think that you have punished him for returning to you.

So the next time he gets free of his leash again, it would be less likely that he will run back again to you.


What you should do when your dog returns to you after running away is to cuddle him and give him the treat to help him understand that if he returns after being called a few times, there is a reward waiting for him.


4. Leaving your door closed

Most dogs return home after exploring an unknown territory.

If you close your doors thinking that your dog will not return or that it will bark outside when it is home, there is a 50-50 chance that this will not be the case.

Some dogs may feel unwanted when returning to a home with closed doors and may find another place to go to instead.

Just be careful when leaving your door open — make sure that someone is on guard and watching the doors to avoid any accidents or unwanted events from taking place.


5. Not putting a GPS tracker on your dog

GPS trackers are easier to come by in this time and age and put them in your dog’s collar.

If your dog has this, you will not have to worry about where to start looking because you can easily track your dog with GPS.



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Things to Do to Get Your Dog Back If He Gets Off-Leash

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Instead of running after him or yelling at your dog to come back, here are some ways you can try to retrieve him safely and more conveniently:


1. Remain calm

Your dog might have run off because something interesting has piqued his attention.

Your job is to lower your dog’s excitement by remaining calm while calling your dog to get back to you.


This may be hard, primarily if your dog has run off in a high-traffic area or an unfamiliar environment.

However, doing so will be more effective than panicking and shouting at your dog because this may instill fear and may cause him to run further away from you.


2. Use a treat or a toy

Once your dog hears you calling them while holding a treat or their favorite plushy, the tendency is they will stop running and look at you.

Continue making this motion until your dog starts running towards you, and once it goes back to you completely, give it praises and give your dog the treat or the toy you have been holding.


3. Run in the opposite direction

Once get your dog’s attention, you can try running the opposite way so that your dog will follow you, thinking that you two are playing a game.


4. Lie down

This one may seem a bit strange, but if you have no other choice, call your dog, and start to lie down.

Make sure only to do this if you know that your dog has seen you.

Otherwise, it would prove useless.

Doing this may get your dog curious about what happened to you, and it would run back to you to see what you are doing or check if you are alright.



Key Takeaway

Being a fur parent is not as easy as it seems, especially if you do not know what you must do in certain situations.

It would always be best to remain proactive and continuously search.

Read articles and consult specialists so that you can learn a lot about your pet and its behavior.


After all, a good fur parent knows that raising and taking care of a dog must be done from the heart and not in a mediocre manner.


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