7 Skinny Dog Breeds That You’ll Love

7 Skinny Dog Breeds That You'll Love

One of the many distinguishing features of dog breeds is their body type. Some dogs are born skinny.


It is inherent in them, not because of poor eating habits, declining gut health, or an illness.


It is what makes it wrong to tag them as underweight.


Ibizan Hound, Whippet, Saluki, Italian Greyhound, Borzoi, Sloughi, Dachshunds are seven of the skinny dog breeds out there that you will find adorable. Their natural scrawny physique makes them unique, alert, and elegant-looking.


To know more about each of these lovable dog breeds, read on and let us explore how they fare their day-to-day despite their scrawny build compared to their plump counterparts.


What About A Dog’s Physique?

Slim dog breeds have low amounts of body fat.


However, high-fat content in a dog’s body is not optimum for its health.


They need only a specific body fat composition to insulate their bodies against the cold and low temperatures.


It allows them to survive winter and cold weather.


But despite having lower body fat content, their skinny counterparts have their unique coping mechanism to keep themselves warm and deal with the chill.


A dog’s build aids them in their daily movement.


Although such skinny dogs seem weak and thin, a bony structure does not impede them from moving or doing activities that other regular-looking dogs can.


The Perks of the Scrawny Pooch

  1. Thin dogs are fast, agile, and alert. Dog lovers regard them as better companion dogs—they warm couches at home or lap dogs when you need some stress relief.
  2. They are pretty low maintenance. Most of these dog breeds only need minimal time for exercise because they have little endurance.
  3. They have neither too high nor too low, but just the right amount of energy daily.


The Destined Drawbacks

  1. Some skinny dog breeds are more sensitive to cold temperatures.
  2. Anesthesia-intolerant.
  3. A slight increase in body fat breeds unwanted stress in their joints and soft tissues, which may lead to more life-threatening issues.


7 Skinny Adorable Dog Breeds (How and why are they adorable)

Now, let us dwell on the seven dog breeds that may seem bony and frail but are solid and adorable.


1. Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound


Ibizan hounds stick close to their kin and are loyal family pets.


They are approximately 24 inches tall and are weighing 50 pounds.


Belonging in the hound group, its strong sense of smell is helpful for hunting.


Their life expectancy is 11 to 14 years.


2. Whippet



A whippet is that one dog that some assumed to be paper-thin, lean, and underweight.


But do not judge a dog by its body type, people say.


Whippets are quick and fast-paced hounds that scare their smaller hunting prey.


As human companions, they are sweet and adorable.


They seldom bark and are simple dogs that do not require high maintenance.


3. Saluki



Tall and slim, Salukis have fantastic balance and symmetry.


They look solid and agile despite their delicate and bony legs.


Their warm and oval eyes may deceive you.


But their kinds are known to be fast hunting hounds in mountains and deserts. Salukis usually weigh about 40 to 65 pounds.



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4. Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound


Belonging in the toy group due to its trim physique, Italian greyhounds are best at accompanying humans.


Towering at 13 to 15 inches, they exude elegance and agility.


Italian Greyhounds tend to last for about 14 to 15 years and are low maintenance for having an average weight of 7 to 14 pounds.


5. Borzoi



The silky-coated Borzoi, known to be regal family pets, ranges from 75 to 105 pounds in males, while female Borzois are smaller at 60 to 85 pounds.


Its thin build allows it to run at a speed of 35 to 40 miles per hour.


6. Sloughi



Lean and lanky build make up its propensity for hunting in the deserts of North Africa. A bony structure characterizes a Sloughi’s body.


The average Sloughi dog breed’s life expectancy is 12 to 14 years.


Female Sloughis are 24 to 27 inches tall, while male Sloughis are a couple of inches taller.


Their weight is usually within the 45 to 70 pounds range.


According to its body type, vets recommend observing the following in Sloughi breeds to maintain a healthy weight and body condition.

  • Notable hip bones and croup
  • Three evident ribs and vertebrae


7. Daschund



Daschunds are tiny and hairy, with furs that come in varying colors and patterns.


They can be as tall as 9 inches and weigh up to 32 pounds.


Tall and regular dachshunds have miniature counterparts that only stand for about six inches.


Mini dachshunds weigh within the range of 11 pounds or lower.


A Dachshund’s reliability as guard dogs when they are at home makes up for their low endurance and regular speed.


They can bark loudly and stay vigilant and simultaneously be sweet and snuggly with their pet parents.


How to keep them healthy and active

These tiny pooch breeds are more than their body condition.


They have unique characteristics that help them stand out among other regular-looking hounds.


Despite the natural tendency to be slim and thin, pet parents should watch out for their diet.


Even though some dogs are low maintenance, it is best to feed them with only those high-quality dog foods that we can buy in retail stores.


Some depots offer organic dog foods.


You can also prepare homemade ones.


Keeping a balanced diet will help maintain their strength and energy, protecting them from all sorts of illnesses.


Key Takeaway

Dogs vary in terms of body build and personality.


Now that we learned about their quirks and impressive characteristics, we can say that skinny dog breeds are adorable, too.


They are easier to care for than the rest.


Dogs’ loyalty and adaptability to training make them perfect watchdogs and home companions.


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