Comprehensive List of Irish Wolfhound Mix Breeds

Comprehensive List of Irish Wolfhound Mix Breeds

The Irish Wolfhound is a graceful dog, standing nearly at 3 feet tall, thus being one of the tallest dog breeds.


This breed was originally used during wartime to drag men off horses.


Also known as gentle giants, this breed has a big heart — gentle, noble sensitive and easy going.


As they were used for hunting, this breed loves being outdoors and chasing animals.


If you love Irish Wolfhounds, you will love some of their mix-breeds too.


There are multiple crossbreed Irish Wolfhounds that you can choose from, read more to find out what they are!


1. Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier (Irish Wolfhound x Black Russian Terrier Mix)

Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier
Image. Reddit


The Black Russian Wolfhound Terrier is a mix between the Irish Wolfhound and the Black Russian Terrier.


This breed was bred by the Red Army, with the intention to develop a strong, intelligent dog that can function in harsh conditions.


Known as a gentle giant, this highly intelligent dog is typically jet black with a scruffy coat and strong shoulders.


They are also steadfast and loyal, loving to spend time with their owner.


This also means that they do not like being left alone and may lead to separation anxiety.


2. German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound x German Wirehaired Pointer Mix)

German Wirehaired Pointing Wolfhound


A mix between the Irish wolfhound and the German wire haired pointer, this breed is playful, loyal, and loveable.


Known as the German wolfhound, this dog is large and tall with a coarse fur coat.


This breed has long heads with a slightly pointed muzzle.


They have deep broad chests, small ears, and a long tail.


Due to their big size and strength, these dogs should be supervised when with elderly and small children.


While they are friendly, they do also have a high prey drive.


This means that they have a tendency to attack smaller animals.


As they are highly energetic, this breed may need up to 60 minutes of exercise every day.


They are intelligent and obedient, being able to learn quickly during agility and obedience training.


3. Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer or Irish Wolf Schnauzer (Irish Wolfhound x Giant Schnauzer Mix)

Irish Wolf Schnauzer
Image. Petfinder


The giant schnauzer originated from Germany, as an all-around farm dog, to help drive cattle, guard livestock and pull carts.


This breed was originally utilized to hunt and kill, since 391 AD.


These dogs are large, with a rectangular silhouette.


They have long narrow heads with a pointed muscle and a slightly tapered muzzle.


While they are powerful, athletic, and energetic, they are also able to be calm when needed.


These dogs, however, make poor roommates for smaller animals due to their high prey drive.


Due to their size, they would need supervision when playing with children and the elderly — and may be unintentionally destructive.


Although this breed is intelligent, it can be challenging to train them as they can be stubborn at times.


To prevent unexpected behavior in the future, it is important to train them at an early age through positive reinforcements.



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4. Irish Dane (Irish Wolfhound x Great Dane Mix)

Irish Dane
Image. Reddit


The Irish Dane is known to have a big heart — with its sweet and social personality.


This breed stands tall, with a harsh and rough coat in various colors including black, white, blue, fawn, silver, and more.


These dogs have rectangular heads, half-pricked ears, and deep brown eyes.


These dogs may seem fierce but are friendly and gentle. They love being around other dogs and humans, always wanting to play.


As they are social dogs, they love to get attention from others and may result in separation anxiety if they do not get enough affection.


They are also not known to be aggressive, making them great family dogs.


5. Great Wolfhound (Irish Wolfhound x Great Pyrenees Mix)

Great Wolfhound
Image. AdoptaPet


The Great Wolfhound is a mix between the great Pyrenees and the Irish Wolfhound.


This breed is tall and large, having a dense long coat. These dogs have the physical


His eyes, nose, and lips may be black too.


These dogs are energetic and playful when young, while more dependable and loving as they get older.


It is important to provide them with adequate training at an early age to help them get more comfortable with other dogs and strangers.


6. Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer (Irish Wolfhound x Miniature Schnauzer Mix)

Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer
Image. Reddit


The Miniature Irish Wolf Schnauzer is a unique breed of the Irish Wolfhound and the Miniature Schnauzer.


These are first-generation hybrids, coming from purebred parents, and is a rare designer dog breed.


These dogs are medium-sized with a face varying between their parent breeds.


This means that some of them might have long legs while others might have shorter legs and may even differ in size.


They also vary in temperament and trainability, depending on their parents.


To find out how these dogs will behave and look like when they grow into adults will depend on how their parents are.


Taking along at their parents will give you a better idea of what you are getting yourself in for.


7. Standard Irish Wolf Schnauzer (Irish Wolfhound x Standard Schnauzer Mix)

Standard Irish Wolf Schnauzer
Image. Instagram


The Standard Irish Wolf Schnauzer are intelligent and affectionate, perfect as a family pet.


These dogs get along well with children and other pets and love to be included in activities.


This breed is a large designer dog, a cross between an Irish Wolfhound and a Standard Schnauzer.


They typically have shaggy eyebrows and brown eyes.


They are tall with a rough coat.


While muscular, they can be graceful too.



As mentioned, these dogs love being affectionate, especially around their owners.


This means that they do not like being left alone for too long and surrounded by strangers.


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