All About Pomapoo

All about pomapoo

A Pomapoo is an amazing designer breed who looks cute in photos and real life.

He was bred for companionship and suits the apartment life very well.

Here is what you need to know before adopting Pomerdoodle puppies.


A Pomapoo is a designer dog born from crossing a Pomeranian and Poodle dog. Pomapoo dogs are loved for their friendly and laid-back nature. Pom poos are low energy dogs that fit both large and small homes.


A Pomapoo is also called a Pom poo, Pomerdoodle, Pooranian, or Poopom.

He is a small fluffy fellow with a personality that can fill up a room.


Are you looking for a low-maintenance dog that will be loyal to you always?

Pom poos can offer this and more, read on!



pomeranian and poodle

Word has it the Pomapoo hails from North America.

He was born of a Pomeranian and Poodle around the late 19th century.


Early breeders of the Pom poo were looking for a designer toy breed that does not carry the health benefits of its purebred parents.

The result was the Pomapoo, an affectionate dog revered for his intelligence as well.


How big do Pomapoos get?

black pomapoo

Pomapoo puppies are fluffy when born.

They become fully grown within 12 months and can stand at 8 to 10 inches tall.


A Female Pomapoo will stand at 9 to 9 inches tall.

A full-grown male Pomapoo weighs between 5 to 15 pounds.

Anywhere between 5 and 14 pounds is fine for a healthy Pomapoo female.


But know that this tiny fellow is a hearty eater and can gain more pounds if left unchecked.



💡 Fun Fact

A Pomapoo that weighs less than 7 pounds qualifies as a teacup Pomerdoodle.



The highlight of a Pomapoo is his magnificent coat.

He has a short to medium coat that can be straight or wavy.


Coat color can be white, brown, or black adding some beauty to his fluffy look.

Expect your Pomerdoodle puppies to have a solid color or multicolored coat.



Hybrid dogs like the Pom poos are meant to outlive their purebred parents.

Poodles live up to 15 years while Pomeranians live for 16 years.


Expect your Pomapoo to live for 15 to 16 years as well. But some Pomapoos can live for 17 years or more.

For your pomerdoodle puppies to live longer, ensure you give them a quality life physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Feed them a healthy diet, groom them, show them plenty of love, and keep their minds stimulated with activity.

Part of ensuring your pomapoo lives longer is to get them in a healthy state when they are puppies.

For this reason, be vigilant on who you buy your pomerdoodle puppies from.



Pomapoos are intelligent, affectionate, and very friendly to people.

They are neither shy nor aggressive. But if they take after their Pomeranian parent, they could be a bit reserved.


Early socialization helps bring out the best qualities in pomerdoodle puppies.

They love to form strong bonds with the person who spends more time with them.


Also, Pomapoos love to play with kids or spend time with elderly people.

They thrive in both small and large families as long as they are given enough attention.


Pomapoos are very confident and independent.

They do not mind spending time alone as long as you join them later.

If they have a dominant Poodle gene, they can easily suffer separation anxiety when left alone.


If you live an active lifestyle, a Pomapoo is the ideal pet for you.

They may have tiny bodies but they pack a lot of energy and curiosity.

Invite them to any adventure and they will happily tag along.



A poodle is one of the top 10 intelligent dog breeds in the world.

So, you can expect a Pomapoo to have the same wits about him.

This pedigree dog is naturally inquisitive and loves to explore new things.



Owing to their high intelligence, Pompoos are very easy to train.

They love to please their master so they will work hard to learn every new command.


Positive reinforcement is the best way to train a pomapoo.

Use reward-based training to teach a pomapoo new tricks.


Ensure you hold full control of the training sessions with a pomapoo.

They can be a smartass if they want to especially if they take after the Poodle.


If they don’t feel challenged enough, they can take over the training session and do their things.

Treats are a good motivation when training a Pomapoo.

They will stay in line and remain attentive when they know a tasty reward awaits at the end.


VIDEO: Training a puppy pomapoo



Do Pomapoos Shed?


Pomerdoodles have a short to medium coat which is very easy to groom.

They are not heavy shedders which makes cleaning after them easy.


If a Pomapoo takes the Poodle’s coat, he will be completely hypoallergenic.

Brush them once or twice a week to keep their coat neat and get rid of pet dander.


Pom poos love a nice pedicure while getting their coat brushed.

While at it, make sure you brush their teeth and clean their ears too.



High-quality dry kibble is the best food for a Pomapoo.

But be careful not to feed him a lot of food.

Pompoos are hearty eaters and can put on weight fast.

Ration their meals to two cups of kibble served twice in the day.

In between, healthy dog treats can keep him going.



Pomerdoodles puppies from purebred parents seldom have health issues.

But there is a slight chance they will develop some of the health problems suffered by their parents when they age.

Common health conditions that may affect a Pomapoo include;

  • Tracheal collapse
  • Cataracts
  • Patellar luxation
  • Epilepsy


Living with a Pomapoo

Pomerdoodle puppies grow to be 10inches in height.

This makes them compact enough to live even in the tiniest of apartments.


They are hypoallergenic dogs which makes them great for people who are allergic to pet dander.

Pomapoos are very adventurous and love to play.


Make sure you exercise them early in the morning or late in the evening.

But be careful not to wear them down because of their tiny bodies.


Finally, make sure you properly socialize your Pomapoo.

This brings out the best qualities in them and can ensure they are laid-back pets especially if you live in apartments.



If you are thinking of getting Pomerdoodle puppies, then you are making the right choice.

They are laid-back dogs with great affection for their owners.

Feed a Pom poo a healthy diet, keep their minds and bodies engaged, give them enough attention and they will be the best pets to live with.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All dogs shed. But a Pomapoo sheds less compared to other dog breeds. They need less grooming and are perfect for people with allergies.

Pomerdoodle puppies are very intelligent and easy to house train. You can train a Pom poo to use puppy pads when they are small and eventually going outside when they grow up. Training should be consistent to ensure they stay in line.

Pomapoos are very quiet dog breeds if they are raised right. But a neglected Pomapoo or one that is not stimulated enough can develop destructive behavior like yapping.

Pomerdoodle puppies from purebred parents can cost between $400 and $1800. You should also consider miscellaneous costs like spaying, deworming, chipping, or blood checkups.


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