32 of the Most Popular White Dog Breeds

popular white dog breeds

Admit it.

You once saw a white fluffy dog strutting across the street with its owner and you immediately wanted to steal the little fellow.

White dog breeds are not only adorable, but they also make life so much fun.

They can be funny, loving, brave, and devoted.


You can also find a white breed dog that is protective, reserved or gets anxious all the time.

It all depends on the furry fellow’s temperament.

Either way, we still love and adore these cute white dog breeds.

Some of them are tiny and fit in a handbag while some of them are large enough to occupy the co-driver seat.


Can you guess how many white dog breeds are there in the world?

Turns out there are over 30 white dog breeds in the world.

There could be many more out there, but these are the most popular ones right now.


In a nutshell,


The most popular white dog breeds are;

Now let us look at what these white fellows have to offer


1. Pomeranian


If you have heard the term ‘teacup puppy’ then you know what a Pomeranian puppy looks like.

It is believed that the ancestor of the Pomeranian hails from the Arctic region.

This would explain why this white fluffy dog has a super thick fur coat.

His fur coat can be white, black, grey-shaded, tan, brown, or orange.

Best traits include:

  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Intelligence
  • Affectionate


2. Chihuahua


She may be small, but she is sassy!

The Chihuahua wins hearts with her charming large eyes and big personality.

She hails from Mexico with a small body that is perfect for the city or apartment life.

The Chihuahua can have a short or long-haired coat that comes in a variety of colors.

But we all know they look cuter in white.

You will love his;

  • Intelligence
  • Playfulness
  • Energy
  • Courage
  • Loyalty


3. Bichon Frise

bichon frise

The Bichon Frise is the luckiest of the white dog breeds.

He only comes in a white coat with a dark nose and dark eyes.

This breed also has a plumed tail that makes him look cute and adorable.

He is;

  • Adorable
  • Goofy
  • Gentle
  • Cheerful


4. Maltese


Maltese dogs also fit the teacup size description.

What makes them stand out is their white and very fluffy coats.

He is a perfect white fluffy dog for urban dwellers because of his zero-shading coat.

Trim his coat once a while to keep the long hair manageable.

A Maltese is known to be;

  • Gentle
  • Playful
  • Lively
  • Quiet


5. Kuvasz


The Kuvasz is a Hungarian canine originally bred for herding sheep.

His white furry coat allowed him to blend in with sheep and pounce on unsuspecting predators.

A Kuvasz dog is large and his strong mellow personality allows him to play the roles of guard and family dog.

Pet lovers adore the Kuvasz because he is

  • Loyal
  • Patient
  • Alert
  • Very protective


6. Wire Hair Fox Terrier

wire hair fox terrier

His long name alludes to his looks and occupation.

The Wire Hair Fox Terrier was bred for hunting.

Today he is loved for his wavy coat that has a wiry texture.

Though he is small-bodied, he is very strong and can be heavy (weighs up to 10kg).

His coat is all white with black and tan accents.

Wondering about his personality? This white dog breed is known to be;

  • Brave
  • Determined
  • Patient
  • Intelligent


7. Akbash


If you love droopy-eared dogs, you will love the Akbash.

He is a big white fluffy dog with a predominantly white coat.

Akbash dogs spend most of their time by themselves.

If something comes to their attention, say an intruder, their loud barks will alert you.

An Akbash dog is;

  • Alert
  • Brave
  • Independent
  • Affectionate


8. Rajapalayam Dog

Rajapalayam Dog

If you find his name hard to pronounce, you can always call him Raj.

This large white fluffy dog comes from India and ranked as a hound.

He has a slender body that can measure up to 30cm.

His whole body is covered in white fur with brown blotches around the nose, the tip of the ear, or his chest.

A Rajapalayam dog is known to be

  • Devoted
  • Protective
  • Courageous
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate


9. West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

A West Highland white terrier dog or a westie has an energetic personality.

Hailing from the Western Highlands of Scotland, this white fluffy breed is identifiable by its dense fluffy coat.

He is also a teacup canine who loves to keep his ears upright.

Tiny as he is, the Westie dog is very

  • Courageous
  • Independent
  • Tough
  • Friendly


10. Bull Terrier

bull terrier

One look at this terrier and you know he takes no bull from anyone.

He originally was a fighting dog before growing a mellow heart for his owner.

Bull terriers love to spend time indoors with their family.

Their coats can be all white or with black and brown accents.

The Bull Terrier is described as;

  • Extroverted
  • Friendly
  • Feisty
  • Possessive
  • Mildly aggressive


11. Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog

Like the crested bird, Chinese Crested Dog has tufts of hair on his head, feet, and tail.

That’s all the hair he gets as the rest of his body is covered in pure skin.

While the hairs are all white, the rest of his body can be brown with a white patch around the chest.

Chinese crested dogs are known to be;

  • Affectionate
  • Happy
  • Playful
  • Mild-tempered


12. American Eskimo Dog

american eskimo

You might mistake this white fluffy dog for a Pomeranian but he is built for the cold weather.

As a Nordic white breed dog, the American Eskimo Dog features a double-thick coat.

He has a wedge-shaped head with upright ears. His thick fur covers his head, tail, and part of his feet.

The American Eskimo Dog is known to be

  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Alert
  • Reserved


13. Clumber Spaniel

clumber spaniel

He may look tiny but the Clumber spaniel is quite heavy.

He frequents shows a lot but still loves to snuggle closer to his owner.

Clumber Spaniel has droopy eyes, floppy ears, and a harsh white with brown accents on the face.

The Clumber spaniel also excels in hunting prey.

Some of his top qualities include;

  • Energetic
  • Independent
  • Affectionate
  • Brave
  • Alert


14. The Great Pyrenees

great pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees dog thrives in the countryside guarding sheep.

Nevertheless, he still does not mind living in a city apartment with his favorite human.

He has an all-white coat that sheds heavily.

So constant grooming is required.

As a watchdog, his strongest traits are;

  • Independence
  • Bravery
  • Gentleness
  • Intelligent


15. Sealyham Terrier

Sealyham Terrier

This is a rare medium-sized dog that hails from the United Kingdom.

He has a white fur coat with brown accents on his feet and mouth.

The coat can sometimes feel rough but that is normal.

The Sealyham terrier originally worked as a hunting dog.

Today he is an adorable pet that is ideal for anyone who wants to own a terrier.

His best qualities include;

  • Friendliness
  • Clownish
  • Inquisitive
  • Confidence
  • Alert
  • Protective


16. Samoyed


The Samoyed dog looks like a larger version of a Pomeranian.

He hails from Russia and came to Europe to live with English royalty.

This white fluffy dog was a favorite of Queen Alexandra because of his pristine white coat and self-assured gait.

He is a hunter by nature and loves to chase any tiny thing that moves.

The Samoyed dog is said to be;

  • Friendly
  • Alert
  • Independent
  • Brave
  • Unrelenting (especially when barking)


17. Komondor


Komondor is a large white dog that belongs to the family of molosser dogs.

These are large robust breeds known for their strength and bravery; like the pitbull.

Komondor has a signature white coat that is heavy and matted into cords.

You might want to trim around his eyes to help him see better.

The best qualities of the Komondor include:

  • Loyalty
  • Bravery
  • Self-assurance


18 Argentine Dogo

Argentine dogo

The Argentino Dogo also goes by the name Argentinian Mastiff.

He is a large fluffy dog with droopy ears and a robust gait.

Ancient Argentines loved this dog because of his great hunting and fighting skills.

Later in life, an Argentine named Nores Martinez used selective breeding to tone down the aggressive of this furry chap.


The best qualities of the Argentine Dogo include;

  • Acute alertness
  • Bravery
  • Intelligence
  • Loyalty


19. American White ShepherdAmerican White Shepherd

This white fluffy dog has a mid-sized, long, and muscular body.

His coat can be pure white or cream with a black or brown nose.

He has a semblance to the German shepherd and is sometimes referred to as a White German Shepherd.

The American white shepherd dog is known to be;

  • Intelligent
  • Fearless
  • Loyal sociable
  • Alert


20. East Siberian Laika

East Siberian Laika

The East Siberian Laika is a cousin to the Samoyed dog and is bred for hunting.

He is still ideal for family life because of his sweet-tempered soul.

You will find him in a brown-black, brown-white, or an all-white coat.

Best traits include;

  • Intelligence
  • Bravery
  • Alertness
  • Sweet-tempered


21. Hokkaido Dog


Hokkaido is a Japanese dog with a thick white coat and very tiny ears.

His chest is wide echoing his muscular body.

As a medium-sized dog, Hokkaido has a coat that comes in various colors.

He can be pure white, wolf-grey, black, sesame, or brindle.

His coat is rarely tainted with other color accents.

Temperament includes;

  • Alert
  • Self-assured
  • Docile
  • Faithful
  • Energetic


22. Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz

He may be tiny but the Japanese Spitz has the personality of a large breed dog.

His white fluffy coat resembles that of a Samoyed or American Eskimo Dogs.

The Japanese Spitz’s compact body makes him perfect for urban apartments or condos.


This little guy is

  • Obedient
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Proud


23. Volpino Italiano

Volpino italiano

He is the Italian version of the Spitz or Samoyed.

He has a black or white coat with tiny dark eyes and nose.

His face is wedge-shaped and disappears into the thick fur around his neck.

His ears remain pointed and jute through the thick fur.

Even with his small size, this furry fellow is full of life and never passes a moment for mischief.

You will love him because he is;

  • Sociable
  • Loyal
  • Independent


24. Kishu Ken

kishu inu

If you lead an active life, then you will love the company of the Kishu Ken.

He is a white fluffy dog with a short-haired coat with varied colors.

His coat can be all white or brown with white accents.

He is a medium-sized chap who loves to play and bond with his favorite human.


25. Maremma Sheepdog

Maremma sheepdog

Maremma Sheepdog is a big fluffy canine with a face like a Labrador and the body of a molosser.

He has a thick white coat, floppy ears, and a bushy tail.

Both his eyes and snout have a dark color.

Besides herding sheep, this big fellow loves to spend time beside his owner gazing at sunsets.

You will love him because he is:

  • Friendly
  • Well-balanced
  • Brave
  • Loyal
  • Determined
  • Alert


26. South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka

South Russian Ovcharka is a herding dog as well.

He has an all-white coat that can be fluffy, or matted like that of a Komondor.

Under the thick long-haired caught is a robust body with strong muscles and gait.

This large dog can be fierce in the fields and hearty while at home.

His superpowers include;

  • Bravery
  • Alertness
  • Friendliness
  • Loyalty
  • Protectiveness


27. Alopekis


He looks like a fox and is sometimes nicknamed the white fox.

The Alopekis comes from Greece and features a wedge-shaped head, strong body, and an ever wagging tail.

His small body makes him perfect for apartment life.

You will love his;

  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity
  • Companionship
  • Alertness
  • Obedience
  • Self-confidence


28. Cotonese


The Cotonese is another teacup dog whose cuteness you cannot ignore.

He is a crossbreed between a Maltese and Coton de Tulear.

He has a dominant white coat which sometimes can appear cream in color.

His coat is long and wavy which makes it easy to maintain.

His best qualities include;

  • Energetic
  • Playful
  • Quietness
  • Intelligence
  • Even-tempered


29. Tornjak


 The Tornjak tends to have a white fur coat with black eyes and ears.

His coat can have brown and black access as well.

He first worked as a sheepdog before winning the hearts of urban homeowners.

He loves to please his owner and loves spending time with family.

His great qualities include;

  • Intelligence
  • Teachable
  • Alertness
  • Affectionate
  • Loyal


30. Bolognese Dog

bolognese dog

The Bolognese dog almost passes as a Bichon Frise.

But only his head is bushy which gives him away.

As a white fluffy dog, the Bolognese loves to spend his time exploring new sites and smell.

He is very muscular and energetic and can trip you over with the leash if you not careful.

What makes the Bolognese dog amazing is his;

  • Intelligence
  • Playfulness
  • Minimal shedding
  • Friendliness


31. Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac

No intruder can go past the Slovensky Cuvac’s guard. Though he is a white fluffy dog, he can be very fears and powerful.

He not only makes a good guard dog, but he is also very playful and affectionate.

The Cuvac’s coat is all white with sometimes cream accents.

Strong points include;

  • Loyalty
  • Courage
  • Alertness
  • Playfulness


32. Papillon


The Papillon is one of those elegant toy-breeds you would fit in a large tote.

He has a lush silky white coat with brown or black hairs around the eyes and ears.

You will love his self-assured gait and inquisitive dark eyes.

His tiny body allows him to thrive in tiny apartments or large country homes.

This little guy tends to be;

  • Alert
  • Happy
  • Friendly
  • Needy


Final takeaway

Have you decided which white fluffy dog you are going to get?

There are 32 white dog breeds out there and each comes with a unique personality you will love.

What other white dog breeds do you know of?

Comment below and let us know.


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