Can dogs eat Mike and Ikes?

Can dogs eat Mike and Ikes

Halloween is fast approaching, and aside from Christmas, it is one of the most “looked forward to” events each year – both for children and adults alike.


Aside from parading and attending Halloween parties in either scary or colorful costumes, kids can also walk around the neighborhood and enjoy their yearly “trick or treat.”


But this is also when most owners bring their dogs to the vet because of one reason – they have ingested Halloween treats that are dangerous to their health.


In worst cases, it can even cause death.


One of these treats is Mike and Ikes.


Read on to find out why this seemingly harmless Halloween treat can harm your dog.


Can Dogs Eat Mike and Ikes?

Mike and Ike in white background


We know that dogs cannot eat chocolate, some candies, some citrusy snacks as treats.


However, some people still seem to miss those facts and assume that that popular kiddy treat, Mike and Ike, can also be a good dog treat.


Well, that is undoubtedly not the right call.


Mike and Ikes are mainly processed sugar, starch, and preservatives that your dog does not need, and could be harmful even, primarily if you feed it in massive amounts.


But Mike and Ike candies are only one of the few sweet treats that dogs cannot eat.


Others include chocolates, bubble gum, and sugar-free candies sweetened by xylitol.


When consumed by your dog, these treats can cause:

  • vomiting
  • upset stomach, even diarrhea
  • cavities
  • toxicity
  • weight gain from too much starch and sugar
  • loss of appetite due to toxicity
  • change in metabolism
  • serious medical problems like diabetes



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How to Deal with Dog Accidentally Ingests Chocolates and Candies?

Although these chocolates, candies, and bubble gums are harmless to us humans, they can cause serious health problems in dogs.


If your dog accidentally consumed any chocolate, sweets, and other toxic food, call your vet immediately.


Fill them in on the situation. Do not delay.


The symptoms of chocolate toxicity can take hours, sometimes, days before they become visible.


In this case, you really cannot wait because by the time the symptoms become observable, it would have been already too late for your dog.


So, the moment your dog ingested chocolates, bubble gum, sweet candies, sugar-free candies, and raisins, get your dog checked at the vet’s clinic immediately so that they can have the proper medical attention that they need.


When it comes to health, safety, and when your dog’s life is on the line, do not even think of putting these symptoms off or doing your research as to what medications you should give your dog.


Remember that there are experts for that, and it is your job as a pet owner to be responsible and take care of your dog with due diligence.



If you want your dog to join in on the fun of celebrating Halloween, you can give them some natural dog treats instead.


Do not improvise, and do not think that just because you are giving your dogs “small quantities” of treats like Mike and Ike, it is entirely okay.


When these treats accumulate, it can still cause your dog some severe health problems, maybe not now, but soon.


Be a responsible pet owner and follow your vet’s advice.


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