Why Does My Dog Meow?

Why Does My Dog Meow

As early as kindergarten, we were taught in school the different sounds that various animals make.


Birds tweet, lions roar, snakes hiss, dogs bark, and cats meow.


What if your dog had an identity crisis and suddenly meowed?


Believe it or not, there are various reasons why a dog makes this sound.


Today, we will be sharing with you the answer to the question, “Why does my dog meow?”


Reasons why your dog meows

Two cats and a dog


There are plenty of reasons why your dog makes meowing sounds.


Three of the most probable causes are the following:


1. Your dog is trying to fit in

If you have a cat with your dog, much more if cats outnumber the dog, chances are it learned how to meow because it is trying to fit in.


 It happens often, and a cat’s meow is not the only thing the dog is imitating.


Sometimes, the dog picks up the cat’s habit of knocking things off the table or countertop.


Some dogs even learn how to climb in high places like the top of a drawer and take a nap there.


The dog picks up your cat’s habits, and this includes the meowing your cat makes.


After all, dogs and cats have almost the same internal structure (diaphragm, trachea) to learn how to meow like a cat is not as impossible as it sounds.


2. Your dog is trained to do so

If a dog can be trained to bark following a particular hymn or tune, it can be trained to meow.


Do you remember the dog who can solve mathematical problems?


The owner asks the dog a simple mathematical equation, and the dog answers by barking.


For instance, the owner asks, “What is 3 plus 2?” the dog will respond by barking five times.


If a dog’s brain can process how to answer a question such as this, indeed, it can help the dog to learn and imitate a cat’s meow.


Also, a dog can learn how to meow easily, especially if it will have some “dog treats” while being trained.



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3. They are trying to impress you

Last but not least, maybe your dog is just trying to impress you.


The way they know how aside from learning a few tricks, is by imitating another animal’s sound.


You have heard a cat meow, and you have listened to a dog bark, but you indeed will be surprised when you hear your dog meow!



These are only some of the reasons why your dog meows.


There are plenty of causes why this happens.


No matter the reason, maybe, do not panic and make a mad dash to the vet!


They might just be blending into the environment, perhaps someone trained them to meow while you are not around, or maybe your dog simply wants to impress you.


Either way, do not forget to take a video when your dog does because it will surely break the internet!


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