Can I Use Chloraseptic Spray on My Dog?

 Can I Use Chloraseptic Spray on My Dog?

Dogs love to move around, play with other dogs, and occasionally swallow who knows what.


There are also cases where they get the dog version of common colds, known as kennel cough.


Whether it is the cough or something that irritates their throat, it is still quite sad to see our dogs lying in a corner with a painful throat and gloomy.


When that happens, most dog owners tend to remedy the problem with homemade care.


And when things get tough, the trusty oral spray comes out to save the day.


But are oral sprays that we often use for ourselves, like Chloraseptic Spray, viable for our dogs?


Can I Give My Dog Chloraseptic Spray?

chloraseptic spray for dogs


When your dog gets a sore throat, it can be because of kennel cough, an allergy, swallowing something irritating, or any other reason, you can administer Chloraseptic spray.


The Chloraseptic spray is typical in households as a remedy for sore throat.


The spray numbs the throat to lessen the pain. You can do that to your pet as well.


What Should I Consider?

Take note that since Chloraseptic sprays are for human usage, there will be a difference in the amount you will use.


One or two jets is enough for your dog.


You also need to consider that regular Chloraseptic spray only causes mild numbing.


It will do the trick if there is only a mild case of cough or irritation.


If the problem still insists, then it is best that you bring your dog for an evaluation by a veterinarian.


There might be something else inside that is causing the coughing or irritation.


Sometimes some small objects get lodged behind the nares area, which irritates that throat.


You can still use the spray to numb the area to lessen the pain, then bring your dog over to your trusted vet.


If you are hesitant to use Chloraseptic spray on your dog, it is best if you get approval from your vet first.



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How Should I Administer the Spray?

If your dog licks its lips more than usual, continually swallows, gags, or has a high-pitched cough, then your dog might have a sore throat or something similar.


It could be that your dog ate something that irritated its throat or has kennel cough.


Try to open your dog’s mouth and check if there is any foreign object like grass seeds lodged inside.


If there is none, then there might be another reason for that.


Use the Chloraseptic spray to numb the area for the meantime.


When you open your dog’s mouth, spray one time inside.


Make sure not to hit your dog’s nose or eyes in the process. Afterward, get your dog checked as soon as possible.




A Chloraseptic spray is mainly for human use.


Although it is not highly toxic to your dog, and you can use it as a first-aid remedy, there is no assurance that it will solve the problem.


Utmost, it will only help lessen the irritation and pain.


A professional veterinarian should check your dog.


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