Cocker Spaniel Maltese Mix (Things to Know About)

All About Silky Cocker

He is tiny, smart, and has a unique silky coat.

The Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix also go by the name Silky Cocker.

If you are looking for a loyal and playful pet to call your own, look no further than this little fluffy fellow.


Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix is a designer dog that was bred by accident. They are treasured for their long, exquisite, and silky coats. A Cocker spaniel Maltese mix is a laid-back dog that is easy to live with if well trained.


A Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix is one of the rarest designer dogs.

If you are lucky to own one, you will grow to appreciate why so many people would love to own him.

What makes the Silky Cocker so popular?

Let’s find out!



American cocker spaniel and maltese
American cocker spaniel and maltese

Like most designer breeds, the Silky Cocker was bred by accidents.

Old records show that the first Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix litter came from America.

Because of his beautiful looks and charming personality, the Silky cocker soon became a prized pet in most households.


How does a Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix look?

The first thing you notice is the long wavy hair strands that are velvety to the touch.

A Silk Cocker also grows to a height of 10 to 16 inches making him a certified toy breed.

When fully grown, this designer breed will weigh between 15 to 30 pounds.


For coat color, this furry fellow comes in shades of black, white, brown, and tan. Gold, red, or bi-colored are other available options.

For bi-colored Silk Cocker dogs, the base color is often white then the second hue appears in patches all over the body.


What is the personality of a Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix?

White Silky Cocker

Besides his captivating looks, a Silky Cocker will draw you in with his charming personality too.

He is known to be sweet and very affectionate to those he cares about. He is ever cheerful and devoted to the family he lives with.


If you are looking for a dog that obeys commands and respects you, a Cocker Spaniel Maltex mix is what you are looking for.

When properly socialized, this furry fellow will get along with children, strangers, and other pets in the house.


One thing though, a Silk Cocker does not like solitude.

He is likely to develop separation anxiety if he does not see his beloved owner for a while.


Also, if he takes after his Spaniel parent, he can be quite nippy around other pets unless housetrained.



How to train and exercise a Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix

A Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix is one of the easiest dogs to train.

They are intelligent breeds that love to please their masters.


Also, Silky Cockers are naturally inquisitive which is a plus for them when it comes to training.

This dog responds very well to rewards and praises.


Have a bag of treats with you when training a Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix dog.

Toss them a treat for every command they get right. This will help them learn faster and always look forward to training.


Start with simple housebreaking commands like sit, stay, stop, or drop.

Move to more complex stuff like leash walking or dog bell potty training.

Constant mental stimulation nurtures good behavior in a Silky Cocker.


Also, a Cocker Spaniel Maltese dog has a strong prey drive.

They get this from their Spaniel parent who is a natural hunter.

While exercise a Silky Cocker, incorporate games that activate his prey drive like;

  • Tug of war
  • Hide and seek
  • Fetch



High-quality dry kibble is the best food for Silky Cocker dogs.

Make sure you get them quality kibble designed for toy breeds.

And since he is a moderately active dog, make sure you are not feeding him too many high-energy foods.


A raw diet would also suit a Cocker Spaniel Maltex mix dog.

Before you feed him any raw meat, consult with a nutritional vet to help you come up with an ideal menu.

Add some vegetables to his plate to make his diet balanced.


Since he is a low energy dog, ration his meals to two servings a day.

Two cups of kibble are enough for a Silky Cocker served in the morning and evening.

Healthy dog treats can help get him through the day until the next meal.


Living with a Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix dog

Silky poo

Fortunately, Silky Cockers are low shedding dogs.

They are ideal for people who are allergic to pet dander.

This dog is also low maintenance- brushing him once or twice a week is enough to keep his coat smooth and shiny.


Once a while, you have to take your Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix for professional grooming.

Their unique coat needs a professional groomer to carefully trim and maintain its velvety feel.


They also need their nails done and have a facial while at it.

Silky Cocker dogs are ideal for single people or couples living in apartments.


They do not take up much space and their exercise needs are quite low.

Silky Cocker dogs are very obedient and laid back too.



A Silky Cocker is likely to suffer the same health issues experienced by Cocker Spaniels and Maltese dogs.

Some illnesses to look out for include

  • Eye and skin infections
  • Congenital heart defect
  • Eyesight issues
  • Dental problems



Cocker Spaniel Maltese mix dogs are perfect for both large and small families.

They are not noisy, are very obedient, and form strong bonds with their owners.

This dog breed is very rare and prized for its exquisite coat.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A Cocker Spaniel and Maltese mix pup will be in its best behavior if properly socialized. Socializing them early to new places, people, and animals. Also, be aware of a Silky Cocker’s strong prey instincts. They should not be left with children or smaller pets unsupervised.

Cocker spaniel and Maltese mix dogs do not do well alone. If they take after their Spaniel parent, they can easily suffer separation anxiety.

A Maltese dog can be crossed with a Poodle, Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, and Pug. Other Maltese breed mixes include;

  • Bichon-Maltese
  • Maltese-Chihuahua
  • Maltese-Beagle
  • Maltese-Pomeranian

Maltese mix dogs are very rare and usually attract a high price from reputable breeders. Expect to pay between $700 to $3000 for a Cocker Spaniel Maltese pup. If the Maltese mix dog comes from a reputable bloodline, price tags can escalate to $4000 and above.


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