How to Tell If Your Dog Respects You?

how to tell if your dog respects you

This is a very important aspect of your relationship with your dog as a dog owner.


There has to be mutual respect for your relationship to work.


When a dog respects, it makes it easy to give it orders and ensure they are done and will always listen to them.


This creates a loving bond between you as the dog owner and your dog.


This ensures your dog completely trusts you and that you have all his loyalty.


He will also learn to respect your decision and will not be quick to against them.


This in turn produces a well-behaved and rarely aggressive dog that is very adaptive to any social setting.


What happens if your dog does not respect you?

They will be issues that will come up. Some of those issues are:

  • Physical aggression in public places.
  • They can become destructive both in the house and in public settings
  • They will not follow most of your instructions. This is can easily harm your dog or as you as the dog owner.
  • It may cause you to have conflicts with people who live around you and in extreme cases, may get you on the wrong side of the law.

Here are some of the signs that your dog respects you as the alpha male:

dog follows his owner

The signs below show if your dog respects you and are easily observable.


1. When walking your dog, they don’t keep pulling on their leash

This is usually determined by the question, who is walking the other when you take your regular walks.


When you walk your dog and they want to take the lead, this means they see themselves as the leader.


They may often end up pulling the leash because they are walking with their instructions.


If your dog walks by your side when doing your daily stroll, this shows that they recognize you as the leader.


The one to give the instructions on where to go next.


2. When your dog goes out to play, they bring you their prey or toys

It is a way of showing their submission and respect to you as their alpha.


Your dog brings you the prey to ask for your approval and may do that with toys as well as a way of showing that you are in charge and they value your approval.


3. When talking to your dog, they sit keenly and listen

This shows rudeness of the highest order and shows your dog has no respect for you at all.


It is a very important sign to ignore because this means they do not follow what you say because they walked away as you were talking.


4. This is closely followed by your dog obeys the commands you give him

This is seen by how keen your dog is when you give instructions.


If your dog listens to everything you say as he looks at you, that means that your dog accords a high level of respect for you.


If your dog starts to do other things as you talk or we said above, walk away as you are talking; they might think you hold the same power thus they do not need to listen to what you have to say.


5. When your dog is not too quick to jump in your sit once you stand up

Dogs naturally believe that the person in charge should have the best of things including their seat.


This means if your dog Is so quick to jump on your chair once you stand up, your dog may see that as a power struggle.


That will mean they also hold the same authority as you which might be a problem.


6. When your dog allows you to be the first to choose where you want to sit

This is seen when you get either home or to another place.


What does your dog do first?


Do they allow you to have your first pick on where you want to sit before jumping all over the seats?


If your dog waits for you to sit first, it shows that they accord you respect, if they don’t and instead rush over to pick their seat before you; there might be an authority problem.



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7. When you sit down, your dog wants to sit next to you

This shows that you are their protector this will want to be around you when you sit and will often sit at your feet as they await the next piece of instructions.


When your dog doesn’t do the above, there may be a problem.


8. When your dog comes to sit on you

If your dog decides to sit on you instead of occupying another seat, they are trying to fight for authority by occupying your space.


When a dog respects you, they should allow you to have the first pick of the seat and allow you to seat first then sit on another seat or the floor next to you.


9. When your dog wants to accompany you everywhere

Dogs often do this as a way to show you that you are in charge and they want to accompany you as their leader and maybe learn from you.


They follow you calmly and are very obedient to the orders you give them.


10. When your dog moves aside to let you pass through doors first

This may seem insignificant but is a very important sign when determining whether your dog sees you as a leader or it sees you as competition.


When going through a gateway or a door, a dog that respects you should allow you to get to pass through before him/her.


If your dog insists on going through the door before you, that may be a cause for alarm in the sense that they may be fighting you for power.


Final Note

It is important to go through these signs and ensure that your dog respects you to avoid having conflict all the time.


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