Do Dogs Pout?

Do Dogs Pout?

You have seen your dog perform a lot of tricks.


From rolling over to the typical “sit and stay” trick, up to the unusual mimicking a cat’s meow.


What if, one day, you look at your dog and you are not sure if you see your dog pout or maybe it is just another trick that your dog has been hiding up its sleeve.


In today’s article, we will be answering the question, “Do dogs pout?”


Does Your Dog Pout? Why?

Dog pouting


The answer is yes, dogs pout.


However, there are various reasons as to why they are doing this.


Here are some of them:


Your dog is mad at you

Just like a teenager who would pout at you when they are angry, your dog also does the same.


Take, for instance, when you come home to your dog lying on top of all your important papers, which are now all over the floor.


After you have scolded them and told them that they are a bad boy, your dog would probably let out a pout to show you that they are not pleased with you, ashamed, or maybe even “mad” at you.


What you can do after you have calmed down is to give your dog some love by petting them or cuddling them and let them know that they are your “good boy” or “good girl”.


Remember that dogs are emotional creatures, and just like humans, they tend to feel some emotions deeply.



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Your dog is trying to get your attention

Do dogs pout? Yes, they do, and often, they do it to gain your attention.


Just like a kid who throws tantrums when ignored, your dog does the same, but instead of throwing tantrums, they pout to show you in their way that you are not paying much attention to them, and they need you to play or cuddle with them.


Your dog is feeling insecure

Lastly, your dog is pouting because they might be feeling insecure.


It might be because you are too busy with work and barely has any time for your dog.


Or, maybe you got a new puppy, and your old dog is not feeling happy about it.


All you must do when this happens is to remember that your dog needs your loving too, and just like humans, they do not want to feel left behind and neglected.


Spend time with your dog – take them for a walk in the park, play fetch with them, or you can even take them to the grooming salon.



Your dog is an intelligent animal, and for them, you are the world.


There is nothing your dog loves more on this Earth than they love you, which is why it is essential to understand why they do things in a certain way and gain answers to questions like “do dogs pout?” and “why do they do it?”.


Understanding your dog’s behavior is the first step to forming an inseparable bond and a strong relationship with them.


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