Do Dogs Feel Shame When They Poop?

Do Dogs Feel Shame When They Poop

You might have noticed something whenever your dog is pooping.


Sometimes your dog looks at you, especially if you are near.


It makes you wonder what that look means.


What is your dog thinking while pooping?


Are they feeling ashamed?


In today’s article, we will be providing answers to this question!


What do dogs feel when they poop?

dog pooping in grass field


There are many feelings your dog has whenever they are pooping.


Here are some of them:


They are feeling anxious

A dog is in a vulnerable position while pooping.


Hence, it starts to feel anxious and looks at you or everything around the area.


Your dog may think that since this is an unguarded moment, your dog may feel unsafe.


So your dog is making sure that it is ready for whatever is coming by looking around or even looking at you while it poops.


They feel ashamed

Aside from feeling anxious, your dog sometimes feels ashamed whenever it is pooping while you are around.


It is especially true if it is pooping in multiple places.


They think that you will be displeased with them because they are pooping and do not know whether they can poop in that particular place.


So if you are around while they are doing it, yes, dogs feel ashamed while pooping.


They are looking at you to protect them

As previously mentioned, a dog feels vulnerable whenever in a pooping position.


So, during this time, your dog will likely make eye contact with you because they depend on you to defend them if ever the need arises.


You are their owner, and they know that they are a part of your “pack.”


You are your dog’s alpha, and your dog knows that you will be the one to protect them during their unguarded moments.



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So, do dogs feel shame when they poop? Yes, they sometimes do.


But this is if they are not confident that the area where they are taking their “business” is the proper place to do it.


But you can always reassure your dog that they are safe with you and that they do not need to feel ashamed.


If your dog poops in the place where they should (e.g., NOT in your neighbor’s lawn or NOT in the middle of the street), make sure to pat your dog and reassure them that they are a “good boy” or a “good girl.”


Your dog is not just a pet – they are a part of the family.


You must take care of them and always look out for them like you would do for a member of your family.


You must give them the love and care that they deserve, and in turn, they will give you their loyalty and love you with all they have with the short life they get to live here on Earth.


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