How to Create Bitmoji for Dogs?

How to Create Bitmoji for Dogs

Ever wondered what your dog could look like as an emoji?

No doubt you have wanted to have fun with your pooch’s adorable face by turning him into an emoji or two.

You are in luck! You can do so using Bitmoji for dogs.


Bitmoji for dogs is a cool way to turn your pup into a cool or hilarious emoji. There are so many emoji apps available to do that and some allow you to customize the Bitmojis to your liking. What’s more, you can use these unique dog emojis across various social apps.


Before emojis, a lot of us felt weird sending funny photos of our faces without, well, losing face.

But all that is in the past thanks to interactive apps that allow you to turn any face into an emoji.

And now your pup can jump in on the fun.


What is a Bitmoji

Bitmojis are a great way to express yourself in the cartoon world.

You can create an avatar of yourself and use it as a profile picture or status on your social media pages.


Also, Bitmoji apps can be customized and used as additional emojis in social chatting apps.

We create cartoon versions of ourselves every day for fun.

So how about creating the same Bitmoji for dogs to make your pooch equally happy?


Here are 10 Bitmoji for dogs apps you should know about.


1. Bitmoji App

bitmoji app

This is one of the pioneer apps for making pet emojis.

Currently, the app does not allow you to customize emojis for your dog.


But there are various pet inspired emojis within the app that your furry friend will like.

Sit together, go through the emojis, and let Bingo choose the one that best represents him.


2. Labrador Pet Moji App

labrador pet moji app

Labradors are darlings because they give affection to everyone they meet.

Which is why they had to have their version of Bitmoji for dogs to celebrate them.


In the Labrador Pet Moji app, there are over 36 labrador emojis waiting for you to try out.

The good news, the app gets updated with new emojis frequently.


3. Petmoji

petmoji app

This one scoops the prize for letting your dog into the world of their favorite cartoon characters.

Petmoji is themed on the movie ‘The Secret Life of Pets”.

Go through all the characters from the movie and find one that looks like your furry friend.


Have a Pomeranian at home?

They could find a look-alike in Snowball the bunny.

You could also have a Shih Tzu who looks like Gidget or a Ragdoll cat who looks exactly like Chloe.


4. Boxer pet emoji

boxer emoji

Your friends or neighbors don’t have to fear your Boxer dog.

Though he looks built and ferocious, you can easily make him cuddly too with the Boxer pet emoji.


Just like the Labrador emoji app, this one too has plenty of stickers that can match your Boxer dog’s face.

Especially in those moments when he is smirking or barking sheepishly.


5. Yorkshire terrier pet emoji app

yorkshire terrier emoji

Yorkies are cute and fun and deserve their adorable emojis too.

The Yorkshire Terrier pet emoji app allows you to spread the love Yorkie’s style.

There are dozens of emojis in there to represent your Yorkie’s playful or bashfulness.


The best part, you get to customize each emoji to suit your inner playfulness or that of your Yorkie.

Chatting with your friends will never be the same again.


6. Labradoodle/Goldendoodle pet emoji app

goldendoodle emoji

If everyone is always gawking at how cute and fluffy your labradoodle is, you can now remind them each time you are chatting.

The Labradoodle/Goldendoodle pet emoji app avails dog emoji stickers that best present your labradoodle’s persona.


You can use these emojis on iMessage or go with the custom keyboard whenever you chat.

The app also allows you to share your Labradoodle/Goldendoodle emojis all over the internet through a convenient share button.


7. Border collie pet emoji app

border collie emoji

Imagine how cute your Collie would look in the cartoon world?

Well, you can make that a reality through the Border collie pet emoji app.


You have over 150 emojis to choose from or create unique ones using your collie’s face.

Here is the best part, the emojis you create with your part can be curated into a collection that will be used by other Collie lovers all over the world.


Time to make your Border Collie famous!


8. Dachshund and Weiner dog emoji app

dachshund emoji

Remember Buddy from The Secret Lives of Pets?

Well, that’s exactly how cute and adorable your Dachshund will look with Bitmoji for dogs.


Dachshund and Weiner dog emoji app has an array of emojis that will make your chat life colorful.

You also get to choose different coat colors for your Dachshund.


Besides, you can also have your Weiner dog in a Brown or Dapple coat.

Also, you can choose between a wire-haired or long-haired coat to spruce things up a bit.


9. Petmoji emoji sticker maker

pet emoji sticker

This Bitmoji for dogs app allows you to choose emojis for all dog breeds.

So if you feel like your Pitbull or Chinese Crested dog was left out, this is the app that includes them.

The collection of dog emojis is enough to last you years without ever needing to customize.


10. Emojipedia


This emoji website carries the most simplified emojis for dogs and cats.

If you want quick dog emojis, cat emojis, or face emojis for cats and dogs, this is the site to go for.


11. DogMoji Sticker/Emoji Maker


Wonder how your pup will look if they had on some cool sunglasses?

The DogMoji sticker app puts your dream into reality.


You get to choose any dog breed you want and let them try a variety of sunglasses.

If you have always wanted a unique emoji to say how “Cool” you are with things, this app will help you.



If you are stuck at home and don’t know what to do with your pooch, you could both make some cool Bitmoji for dogs.

It could be an actual cartoon of your pup, a movie character representation of them, or just a simple face with sunglasses on.

Share the love to your friends and family letting them know how adorable your pet is.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are concerned about the Bitmoji app stealing your information, you could avoid using the Bitmoji keyboard feature. A safe option is to create the emojis remotely on the app and save them for later use.

Most Bitmoji for dogs apps are free to use. Some apps will charge for premium features like editing your avatar or accessing different themes for your dog emojis.

Apps like Snapchat allow you to take Bitmoji selfies of you or your dog. On the Bitmoji tab, click on ‘Selfi’ to load the camera. Take a selfie of your dog or with your dog then tap ‘Done’ to save it.

Some Bitmoji apps will provide editing tools for adding effects to dog emojis. Another option is to check through the app settings to see if this feature is available. Also, you could import the emoji to a third-party app that allows you to add effects.


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