How to Protect Your Glass From Dog Scratches?

How to Protect Your Glass From Dog Scratches

Dogs like to scratch on things especially when they get anxious and bored.


They are generally active pets and you as a dog owner may have to dog-proof your house once you get a pet.


The above is just a summary as to why your dog would want to scratch glass doors and any other glass surfaces.


Let us go deeper and discuss the reasons why your dog will want to scratch glass surfaces in your home.


Reasons why your dog would want to scratch glass surfaces


For glass doors specifically, are used to close off the house from the backyard or the front yard.


The common reason that you are likely to find your dog scratching on your glass door is that it wants to go out.


This can be because it has probably seen some things that have caught its interest for a bit and would want to go out and see it or catch it or play with it.


Below are some of the major reasons as to why your dog may end up scratching your glass doors:


1. They may be bored and want to go out

As written above, when a dog is bored, they usually want to do something exciting like being out in nature.


When dogs start to scratch the glass doors, they are usually trying to signal their owners that they want to go out.


They may have seen some interesting animal or happenings on the other side of the glass door and would want to get out hence start scratching the door.


2. They may want to go out to do their business

If you have trained your dog to go out when they want to go and poop, you will have to rethink the idea of glass doors if it is something you are planning to do.


If you go ahead and decide to her expensive glass doors, it is best to fit them with a dog flap as discussed elsewhere in this writing.


This will prevent it from scratching the glass door to want to leave the house.


It will also help avoid getting a mess when you leave your dog indoors for a long time.


3. They may experience separation anxiety when away from their owners for a long period

This happens when the owner is on the other side of the glass door for a long time.


The dog may get some anxiety due to being far away from its owner.


The dog may start scratching on it to alert the owner to let him out.


This is dangerous because if the dog is not let out, it may become very destructive and may start destroying other things in the house such as the sofa sets.


How to fix scratches made by dogs on glass surfaces especially glass doors?

This mainly applies to small minor scratches.


This will require some clear nail polish.


It can cover the minor scratches by filling them up.


This helps to prevent the minor scratches from becoming larger by trying to do damage control.


When you apply, apply the polish to properly dry then remove the excess polish.



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How to protect your glass door from scratch?


1. Install a glass dot protector in your home

Scratch screen protectors are usually hanged by the door handle or have a way to stick themselves to the glass.


This is by far the most effective way to keep your glass door safe from your dog.


Also, when the protector is scratched by the dog, it makes an irritating sound that dogs do not like to hear.


Once the dog associates scratching with the sound, they will stop trying to scratch the glass door protector.


2. Using a reflective window film

A reflective film is a good idea for your glass door.


Especially if your dog starts to scratch the glass door when they see their owner inside.


When the film is installed, it works like a two-way mirror but does the job.


It prevents the dog from seeing outside so there is no need for the dog to start scratching the glass door surfaces.


It also helps to retain heat in the house when cold.


3. Use a protective roll film

This is also a type of film put on your glass door.


It is transparent and does not block your view of the outside at the same time protecting your glass door.


The only mishap might be the fact that your dog’s claws could easily scratch through the film and in turn scratch the glass door.


Also, if they don’t manage to scratch all the way through, the film will always have scratches thus destroying the essence of glass doors.


This will become tiresome to keep replacing each time the scratches become too many.


4. Fitting curtains on the glass doors and always leave them closed

This is only effective if what causes the dog to scratch the glass door is usually on the other side.


Why is that?


If the dog realizes that the curtain can be lifted and the glass door scratched, that makes it a useless feature.


If the curtain is to be considered, it has to remain closed and should not be opened when the dog is around.


5. Installation of a dog flap on or next to your door

This helps if the dog used to scratch the glass door to go relieve them.


Here, they will have a way in and out and will not even bother about the glass door.


It can be installed on the door itself or just beside the door.


6. Clipping your dogs’ nails

This should be one of the last resorts.


This is because if you do not know how to do it, you could end up hurting your dog or getting bitten.


An alternative to clipping them could be filing your dog’s nails until they reach the proper length that you deem appropriate.



Protecting your glass from dog scratches will protect the bond you share with your dog while preserving your property.


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