How to Stop Dogs from Eating Drywall?

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Drywall

Drywall is also known as plasterboard has become very common in houses nowadays.


It is commonly known as plasterboard and is made of two paperboards that have sandwiched a material like a gypsum in the middle.


It is possible to substitute the gray sulfate for gypsum but if you need the house to be dog friendly, gypsum is your best choice because it is pet safe.


Gypsum boards are the ones where one uses gypsum as the material between the two paperboards.


Gypsum boards are normally used because they are pet friendly, non-combustible, lighter, and cheaper.


Most people use it to make ceilings and walls.


It can be designed in very many designs thus they enjoy flexibility.


It has its positives such as:

  • Drywall is very easy to install
  • Durable if taken care of
  • If it gets damaged, repairing it is very simple


However, an item with a positive side always has a negative side to it.

This is such as:

  • It is not as strong as cemented walls so it can easily get damaged.
  • It is not resistant to impact thus can easily get holes and cracks.


Is drywall toxic to dogs?

Drywall usually seems attractive to dogs to chew and scratch.


This in turn may be bad for your décor and your walls.


When your dog starts chewing on drywall, it may then become dangerous for your dog especially if they ingest a large amount of drywall.


When your dog eats large amounts of drywall, they can issue while in the body of your dog and end up causing an electrolyte imbalance in the body.


This may require intravenous fluid therapy to be carried out to sort out the problem.


What causes dogs to want to eat drywall?

Dog eating drywalls


There a few reasons why your dog may want to eat or scratch drywall are mentioned below:


1. Boredom

Your dog may be bored most of the time which can cause them to be distracted as a way to entertain them.


They tend to destroy things that can easily be destroyed such as drywall walls because they are not resistant to impact.


2. Separation anxiety

Dogs, especially those that are used to being around their owner can use this as a way of not feeling lonely because their owner is not around.


They may get anxiety due to the separation and as a coping mechanism, decide to scratch the drywall or eat it. It somehow makes the dog calm down and relax.


3. Their old age

Dogs with old age usually find it hard to go out for exercise and long walks.


Thus, they decide to scratch the drywall as an alternative to the exercise they used to get because it uses energy but without a lot of movement.


Some may be intrigued by the drywall and end up eating them.


4. Predatory behavior

Some dogs usually end up chewing at walls when they hear movement on the other side of the wall.


The movement can be because of faulty pipes or because of rodents running around.


It might be time for you to get pest control or a plumber to check whether there are any faulty pipes.


Your dog may be chewing through the drywall to get what is making the sound on the other side and until you get it fixed, your dog will keep on doing it.



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What can you do as a dog owner to stop this behavior in your dog?

dog running from owner


1. Invest in proper nasty tasting detergents

They can be homemade detergents or the ones bought from stores.


Either of them will work.


Start cleaning the walls with them and you will notice the dog stop chewing on the drywall because of its horrible taste.


They will begin to associate drywall with the disgusting taste and smell and thus stop the habit altogether and look for something else to chew.


2. Invest in a plumber or pest removal services

It has been discussed above that some dogs hear some noises on the other side of the wall and as predatory behavior.


The noise can be caused by either leaking and faulty pipes or some rodents such as rats.


It is therefore very important to get that checked before concluding as to why your dog is eating drywall.


3. Distracting them with toys

Your dog may be chewing on your walls because they want to get that good feeling that comes from chewing anything.


This is because dogs love to keep chewing.


If you notice that your dog has that particular habit to chew stuff, it may be recommended to get them some toys they can chew on for them to stop chewing drywall.


4. Distracting them with games

You could teach them games that will keep them busy and reduce boredom especially outdoor games that will keep them far away from your walls.


5. Placing furniture in a strategic position

This may mean that you could place your furniture in such a way that the dog is unable to get access to the wall.


You could do that with extremely heavy furniture such as sofa sets and wall units.


They will eventually have to stop because they cannot reach the walls.


6. Eliminate fear and anxiety in your dog

Dogs tend to get stressed as we do but unlike us, their options are limited so they tend to scratch at anything to deal with it


It is important to figure out what is causing the anxiety and try to eliminate it.


7. Exercise your dog

It is important to take your dog on regular walks or runs for them to keep fit and avoid obesity.


This is because some dogs are prone to obesity more than others.


This will help your dog get enough exercise and stop looking for that kind of exercise by scratching drywall.


8. Go to a vet to seek assistance

This means if the above fails, it is important to get your dog checked for some disorders like Pica which may be causing your dog to act in that manner.


This will help you know what to do to stop that condition.


Note: Pica is a disease where dogs end to have the instinct to eat stuff that is not considered food such as stones and in this case drywall. It could be a sign of malnutrition as well which is why it is important to get professional help.


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