Why Do Dogs Like to Play?

Why Do Dogs Like to Play

If cats like to sleep, one of the things that dogs love to do is play.


Whenever you get home from a long day at work, you will be greeted by your dog with its wagging tail once you enter the door.


After a goodnight’s sleep, your dog will wake you up in the morning with its wagging tail once again and running to and fro, as if showing you that it wants to go outside and play fetch or a good old’ game of tug of war with you.


In today’s article, we will explore the reason behind this behavior.


Why Do Dogs Like to Play?

Dogs playing


Many reasons can attest to why dogs love playing so much.


Here are two of them:


1. Playing helps them improve and strengthen their motor skills

By running around, bumping into you or other dogs, and playfully biting or growling, the dogs are honing their motor skills.

It can help them grow better and help them to function normally.


Playing also helps them figure out how they should move their bodies when another animal bumps them or how to evade danger and fight for their lives if needed.


2. To socialize with others

Be it with you or with another animal. Playing helps your dog to form a deeper bond and relationship.


It is almost the same case as humans.


People, especially when they are young, tend to go out and play with other kids to socialize and develop the necessary skills they need while growing up.


The same applies to dogs.



By playing, they are not merely socializing with people and other dogs, but they are also learning something from them.

They know that there is a playful bite, and there is a bite that can cause harm or damage.

They understand the difference between a playful bark and an angry bark.

Playing helps dogs improves the way dogs deal with humans and other animals alike.



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When Playing, Will My Dog Choose Me Over a Toy?

If a dog would have to choose between playing with its toy or playing with a human, undoubtedly, the dog would prefer to play with you.


As previously mentioned above, playing helps your dog develop a stronger bond and form a deeper relationship with you.


But, if there is a case that the dog chooses the toy, well, you can always grab the toy and play with your dog with it.



Dogs play to strengthen and improve their motor skills.


It also because they could socialize with their owners and with other dogs.


Remember that dogs are social animals, so it is only natural for them to mingle and play.


Remember to keep an eye on your dog while they are playing to ensure that they are safe and that other larger groups of dogs will not gang them up.


Also, play with your dog often and slowly introduce them to the idea of playing with other dogs while supervised.


Once you see that they can manage to do so even without supervision, then you can let them go on their own.


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