Munchkin Cat Price – Guidelines and Examples

Munchkin cat price

Munchkins are one of the most adorable cat breeds to own.

They are playful and look like dachshunds with their short legs.

And if you are wondering how much is a munchkin cat, then you are in the right place.


Many factors affect the munchkin kitten price. Gender, age, and breed are some of the things affecting how much a munchkin would cost. Generally, a good price range for munchkin kittens is between $500 and $1200.


You heard about the munchkin cat and started doing the research.

You liked what you saw, from how adorable they look, with their tiny stout legs, to how sweet and friendly they are to people.

Immediately you wanted to know “How much do munchkin kittens cost?”.


Munchkin cats are very rare and very popular.

Because of how exotic they are, they will fetch a high price, especially for kittens.

A properly bred munchkin kitten could cost from as low as $500 to as high as $3000.


But surprisingly, many pet parents have managed to bring home a munchkin cat for free.

And we will tell you more about it.

For now, what are the main factors affecting how much a munchkin would cost?


From our research, the munchkin kitten price is affected by a few things;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Physical attributes
  • Breeder
  • Location


Age and the munchkin kitten price

munchkin kitten

If you thought an adult munchkin is adorable, wait till you see a munchkin kitten.

Most breeders receive numerous requests for munchkin kittens.

Cat lovers prefer a kitten because they can nurture the fur baby and chronicle their growth to adulthood.


For this reason, expect the munchkin kitten price to be on the highest side.

The silver lining here is that adult munchkin cats are less popular hence are less pricey.

If you do not mind a fully-grown munchkin feline for a companion, then you would get a good deal for one.


Gender and the munchkin kitten price

Most pet parents do not mind gender when buying munchkin kittens.

On the other side, if you are planning to raise a munchkin litter soon, you will have a presence for a female munchkin.

Most breeders would use this as leverage to charge a premium price for females.


Physical traits and the munchkin price

Munchkin cat

A munchkin is not complete unless he comes with short dachshund-like legs.

They look cuter this way and would cost more because of the demand.


But in every munchkin kitten litter, one or two kittens are born with normal cat legs.

The normal-legged munchkins cost less compared to the short-legged kittens.


Since they are not as desirable, long-legged munchkin kittens would go for half the cost of a short-legged munchkin.

If physical traits are not a factor for you, then this is a bargain.

VIDEO: A Munchkin Cat


Does breed affect munchkin prices?

The beauty of the munchkin cat is that it is compatible with a wide variety of exotic cat breeds.

Some munchkin mix-breeds would be expensive compared to others.

For example, a Persian munchkin mix cat would cost more because of the unique traits of the Persian cat and the munchkin cat.


Also, a munchkin mix cat crossed with a Scottish fold or Ragdoll cat would cost more.

If you desire a munchkin mix kitten, find out what other breeds they are crossed with.

If the other breed is rare and exotic, you might have to dig deeper into your pockets.



cat in cage

Whom you buy a munchkin from will affect the price as well.


Generally, there are three options for buying a munchkin kitten;

  • From an established cattery
  • From a private breeder
  • Through adoption


Catteries charge a premium price for their munchkin kittens.

This high munchkin kitten price usually comes with guarantees.

You are assured of a healthy munchkin kitten raised with love and a lot of care.


Kittens from catteries are vaccinated, have gone through regular vet checkups, and are selectively bred.

It is easier to choose what mix breed your munchkin will be.

Most catteries give the options of Scottish Fold, Siamese, Himalayan, or Ragdoll purebred parents.


Also, your cat comes microchipped and registered from a cattery.



Learn More:

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A private breeder is different from a cattery.

A breeder does not incur facility costs neither do they worry about expenses such as microchipping, grooming, or vaccinating.


So how much do munchkin kittens cost at a breeder?

A lot less compared to catteries.


But a breeder will not grant you variety when choosing a mixed munchkin.

Buying from a breeder depends on the availability of newborn kittens.


If it is a reputable breeder, they will have a long waiting list of pet parents who want to adopt munchkin kittens.

A reputable breeder would charge a high munchkin kitten price.


Adopting a munchkin is by far the cheapest way to get your hands on these fur babies.

There are pet parents who are willing to give away their munchkins when they are traveling for work or are moving to a residential area that does not allow pets.


It is possible to adopt munchkin kittens from rescue shelters.

Rehoming a shelter munchkin not only shows love to the cat, but you also create room for a new pet to seek refuge at the shelters.


The only catch here is that you will have to dig deeper to find shelters that have munchkin cats.



Few people know this but location does affect how much you pay for a munchkin kitten.

For instance, in Thailand, munchkin kittens of the Himalayan and Persian mix are popular, therefore, pricier.

If you are buying from a cattery or breeder located in a posh suburb, they will have a high munchkin kitten price.



Are you thinking of getting yourself a munchkin kitten?

Wondering how much is a munchkin cat in your area?


Before you go out to get a munchkin fur baby, consider the seller, location, age, and gender of the kitten.

The premium munchkin kitten price is $700 to $1200.


But if you bag a munchkin kitten for free, the two of you were meant to be!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Grooming depends on the type of coat a munchkin cat has. If he has a short coat, brushing him once or twice a week is enough. Long-haired munchkins are likely to shed a lot so regular grooming is necessary to control shedding.

Munchkin cats are considered moderate shedders. For a munchkin mix cat, the frequency of shedding will determine how much they shed. A Persian mix munchkin will shed more because of its Persian cat parent.

Munchkin cats are very playful and need a high protein diet to fuel their adventures. High proteins also ensure a munchkin cat grows stronger and stave off some of the structural health issues they are susceptible to.

Eye color often affects the munchkin kitten price. For instance, the white odd-eyed munchkin kitten will cost 600 while a calico munchkin costs $700. White blue-eyed munchkins are very rare and can cost as much as $2000


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