Why Do Cats Lay on Plastic Bags?

Why Do Cats Lay on Plastic Bags

Have you noticed how every time you open a package or a parcel, you are not the only one who is happy?


Picture this. You just received your order, and you are so excited to open it!


You rip the packaging and the plastic apart, set it aside, and inspect the product you have received.


Moments later, you hear a crunching sound beside you.


Your cat is already lying down on the plastic bag beside you.


It is quite the wonder, right?


Why do cats like to lay on plastic bags?


Well, read on to know more.


Why Do Cats Like Laying on Plastic Bags?

cat on plastic bag


Many reasons can account for why cats lay on plastic bags.


Here are some reasons why:


1. It clings on their body

One of the reasons why cats like to sit on plastic bags is because the plastic bag clings to their fur.


It is common knowledge that cats are some of the “clingiest” animals there is, and they always want to snuggle up to you whenever they can.


Plastic bags clinging on to their bodies gives them almost the same, if not the exact feeling.


2. It gives them warmth

Another answer to the question is because it provides your dog warmth.


Cats love to lay on top of warm things, which is why they often lay on your laptop or warm boxes of pizza.


The plastic bags give off warmth that your cat enjoys.


Hence, they lay on top of it.


It is like how cats love to lie on hard surfaces because it cools them down.



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3. It has a small, enclosed space

Cats not only love to lay on plastic bags, but they also love to lay inside the plastic bags.


The reason for this is that cats love to curl up in small spaces.


Whenever they curl up inside a plastic bag, they feel safe and secure from all the other elements outside their little sanctuary.


4. It smells like food

If your cat is lying on a plastic bag, and sniffing or licking it, then chances they smell the lingering scent of the food.


It attracts them. That is why they lay on the plastic.


Should I Stop This Behavior?

Watching your cat enjoy while lying on top or inside of a plastic bag might be cute, but this may cause some serious trouble if there is no supervision while they are doing so.


Your cat’s head might accidentally get inside one of the plastic handles, and they might not be able to get it out immediately once they start to panic.


It may cause accidental suffocation, so you must ensure that your cat has supervision whenever they play with plastic bags.


Aside from unintentional suffocation, your cat might also suffer intestinal problems if they chew and eat a large amount of plastic.



Cats lay on plastic bags because it makes them feel warm, safe, and secure.


You can let your cat enjoy playing with some plastic bags.


However, do not forget to keep a closer look at them whenever they are doing so.


You can let them have fun and enjoy in their simple ways, just make sure that you will be there to supervise it.


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