How Do Cats Say Sorry?

How Do Cats Say Sorry

You arrive home, and you see that the tissue paper you left on the table is now in shreds because your cat is playing with it while you were gone.


Your picture frames and everything you have put above your table is now lying on the floor.


No, there was no robbery.


You know there is only one culprit to all this mess – your beloved cat.


Your search for your cat, and you find him/her lying on your couch and soundly sleeping as if nothing happened.


You start to ask yourself, “Is my cat even sorry for the mess he/she made?”


Before you question your entire human existence, let me tell you the answer: yes – but they are not showing it in the way you expect them to do.


Does My Cat Feel Sorry for Causing Trouble?

We always had this notion that cats never feel sorry for the things they do.


Such as topple your stuff from the top of the drawer or destroy your papers and scratch your wooden table and door.


But cats do feel sorry. They even apologize for the ruckus they are causing, and Science proves this.



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How Do I Know My Cat is Apologizing?

Cat apologizing


After you have caught your cat lying above your thesis papers that they have just finished destroying, the tendency is you will call them out.


They will run away, look at you for a long time, and when you try to approach them, they will run farther and hide.


Your cat will come out of hiding only when you have started to calm down, and you will notice that they will continue staring at you.


It is because they are evaluating the situation and are thinking about whether it is safe to approach you and pet them or not.


Once your cat can sense that you are already calm, they will slowly walk towards you and either purr, rub themselves against you, or sit on your lap.


If you have a dog, this will equate to licking and puppy eyes!


Anyways, these acts are your cat’s way of saying sorry for what they have done, and you should acknowledge this sincere act!


By doing so, you can maintain the connection between you and your cat, and they will understand that what they did made you feel sad, angry, and disappointed.


You must understand that your cats do some acts simply because it is their nature as animals.


These acts can include:


1. Running frantically every 3 am

It is normal, and almost every cat in the world does this because it is natural.


2. Scratching on your door or other wooden furniture

Understand that cats do this to sharpen their claws, and if you do not want them clawing on your table, you can buy them a small wooden block and train them to claw on that block instead.



Sometimes, cats do not know that what they are doing is wrong, especially in their nature.


That is why it confuses them.


When they know that they committed something terrible and that you are angry, they do know how to say sorry.


It might not be in the way we expect, but they apologize lovingly and adorably.


So, make sure not to brush this off and acknowledge your cat’s apology to you.


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