Can Dogs Lay on Heating Pads?

Can Dogs Lay on Heating Pads

Too much stress and workload take a toll on our health.


We experience pain in several parts of our body and use heating pads to alleviate it.


Heating pads are a convenient alternative to a hot, warm bath in treating stiffness and body pain, especially when you are too tired to get up.


However, sometimes, people also assume that since heating pads are okay for humans, maybe it is okay for dogs to use it.


Well, it can be a yes and a no.


We will know more about it in this article.


Types of Heating Pads

heating pad for dogs


Sometimes, we apply heating pads to our dogs, too, without knowing that maybe not all of them are safe for our dogs.


To understand whether the type of heating pad you have at home is safe for your dog, here are the three common types of heating pads available in the market:


1. Electric Heating Pads 

If you use electric heating pads at home, you should carefully keep them in places out of your dog’s reach.


It is not safe for both humans and animals to use the heating pad while asleep.


Do not let your dog lay on electric heating pads. It may chew the electrical cord by accident.


Laying on heating pads might expose your dog to radiation, which could lead to serious health problems.


If you are using electric heating pads for your dogs, you need to be extra careful.


Ensure that these heating pads are functional and free from damage.


Otherwise, a damaged electrical heating pad may injure your dog.


2. Chemical Heating Pads

These kinds of heating pads are relatively safe.


Although, be careful not to let your dog lay on it because it has an adhesive feature that might mess with your dog’s fur.


Your pet may suffer from fur loss, or you will have to detangle your dog’s fur.


If this happens, prepare a mineral oil to remove the adhesive substance and detangle your dog’s coat.


3. Microwavable Heating Pads 

Although less effective and disposable, these are generally safe for your dogs.


You can place it in a microwave for a couple of minutes to generate heat.


Your dog may be sensitive to high heat.


Be wary of the temperature you currently have.


It might be safe for you, but your dog can not take that much heat.


To avoid burns, cover the heating pad with a layer of pillows before you let your dog lie on it.



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Is it safe for dogs?

Among all types, only microwavable heating pads are safe for your dogs.


But, do not let your dog lie down on it directly.


Place a layer of pillows, just as you put heating pads on a towel upon using it.


It is to cushion your dog from a possible burn due to too much heat.


How to Treat Dog Burn

Some dogs can not take too much heat, which may cause adverse reactions to their fur or skin.


Once this happens, place the burn directly under cold running water for about 8 to 10 minutes.


Another option is to treat the affected area with a saline formula.


For severe burns that you cannot treat at home, seek help from a professional veterinarian.



Not everything that works for humans is safe for dogs, especially heating pads.


Dogs’ body temperature varies from humans.


Dogs have different reactions to heat.


Some can endure while some are so sensitive to it that they experience mild to severe burns.


You can apply first aid on mild burns and do it immediately to avoid it from getting worse.


For severe burns, consult your dog’s veterinarian for proper care.


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