Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Cats follow us everywhere.

To the kitchen, bedroom, backyard, the front porch, even the loo.

They basically become our tails and we always wonder why?

For some of us, we want to believe our feline friends trail behind us because they are hungry.


While this is true, it is not always the case.

In fact, there are so many answers to the question “why does my cat follow me everywhere?”.

If that is you, you came to the right place for answers.


In this article, we will look at the top reasons why a cat would follow you around.

And we managed to come up with 7 popular reasons why your cat follows you around.


1. It’s In His Blood

Cats learn to follow people around right from when they are born.

Kittens trail closely behind their mothers for food and protection.

When you adopt a kitten, you take up the role of mom.


So your kitten will follow you around a lot before it learns to become independent.

He will come to you for warmth, food, and play.

Which explains why kittens are ever-playful especially when you give them your time.

Though most cats grow out of this behavior when they mature, some don’t.


2. He Needs Your Help

Cats will follow you around if they need you to help them with something.

They want you to open a window or door so they get out.

Since your cat cannot use words, following you around and meowing his lungs out should work.

He will only start following you when he sees you moving towards his exit route, that is, the window or door.


3. He Loves You!

It is believed that cats are generally reserved and prefer spending time by themselves.

But not all cats. Some cats will follow their humans around because it is their way of reciprocating love and affection.

If it is in a family setting, the cat will always follow that person who feeds him and shows him attention.

A perfect example of such a symbiotic relationship is the story of a street cat named bob.


4. Well He is Hungry

If your cat is hungry, he will follow the one person who controls his menu; that is you.

He will follow you at strategic times of day; early morning, midday, and late in the evening.

When the cat learns to go out and hunt, then the following reduces to morning hours.

He wants to slurp his usual bowl of milk before heading out.


5. He is Curious

Cats are very inquisitive in nature.

If you notice your feline following you around, he probably is curious about what you are up to.

Dogs exhibit this kind of behavior the most.

If your cat is following you around during his playtime, he is probably practicing his hunting skills.

He needs a moving target for practice and an immediate option for him is his favorite human. Kittens are notorious for this kind of behavior.


Cats, like dogs, process their environment through smell.

They are prone to follow a familiar scent which includes that of their favorite human.

So do not get perturbed when your loo break is interrupted by a nosy Whiskers. He could smell you from the living room.


6. He Wants Quality Time

Cats are not entirely snobs, they are suckers for quality time too.

They will follow you around just for kicks.

If your kitten is properly socialized and grows to appreciate the time you spend together, he will always follow you around.

It does not mean he will always be on your tail.


There are times he will disappear to take a nap or groom himself.

But when there is nothing else on his personal itinerary, he will not mind lying beside you or following you around the house.

He may also give you affectionate licks to show his friendship.


7. He is Not Himself

Your cat following you around a lot could be a sign of trouble.

He may be in pain and is looking at his favorite human for assistance.

Constant trailing behind you could also be a sign of pet anxiety.

Cats will exhibit this behavior if they are left on their own for too long.

So when you come back home after a long day and your cat immediately starts following you, all frenzied, it could be a cry for affection.


And that’s it!

You now understand why your cat is constantly following you around.

If your cat exhibits no other behavior, that seems off, other than following you, then he is just showing his love for you.

Does your cat follow you around for other reasons? Let us know below.


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