Cat Hanging Around My House – What Does It Mean?

Cat Hanging Around My House

Not every cat that wanders is lost.

If a lovely feline keeps hanging around your home, it must be for a good reason.

Read on to find out what it means when cats hang around your house.


A cat will hang around your home when digging for food scraps. If your home is feline-friendly-rodents and a warm place to sleep- a cat will show up a lot. Cats also go to other homes for shelter, company, or if it is mating season.



Time spent with cats is never wasted

-Sigmund Freud



It is true, you lose track of time in the company of cats.

They are sweet, gentle, and affectionate.

And if a cat, that is not yours, shows up in your home, you would want to hang out and know the feline better.


But what does it mean when cats hang around your house?

There are many reasons why a stray or feral cat keeps lurking around your home.

Could someone be feeding and keeping him company?

Or maybe your home feels like a haven for your cat?


Below are some of the main reasons why cats come to your house.



Stray cat eating

A cat will come to your house if they keep finding food there.

If you have kids, maybe one of them is befriending and feeding the cat.


Cats may also hang around if your area is full of prey like mice.

Stray cats are more likely to show up for food scraps.


Also, a domesticated cat that is not well fed at home might scavenge other houses for food.

If the feline is harmless and hungry, you can feed him some food as you get to know each other.



cat peeping through a window

Did you just move in next door?

Well, your neighbor’s cat may be showing up to say hi.

No matter how homed a cat is, it will always get curious about the outside world.



Way down deep, we’re all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them

-Jim Davis



Leave a door or window open and the feline will go out exploring.

If your cat is very social, he will want to know who the other humans or pets outside his world are.

It is easy to notice a friendly feline that comes to visit.


Does the cat meow and come running to you when you open the door?

Does he nuzzle himself around your legs or purr when you pet him?

You are in the company of a friendly neighborhood cat.



Curiosity killed the cat…but satisfaction brought it back




Or maybe that new cat is hanging around your house because of your pet feline.

If they are opposite sexes, then love is definitely in the air.


Who knows, the two may end up as best friends.

And maybe, taking the cat back to its owner is the perfect icebreaker to get to know the neighbors.


The alternative of this is a cat that takes off immediately when they spot you.

That one is probably a stray snooping around.

If they do not find food at your place, they will move on to the next home.


Looking for a mate

Cat mating

If it is heat season, cats will hang around your home to mate with your tabby or tom.

If you are looking forward to having kittens in the future, then this should not be a problem.

But if chasing hordes of randy cats is not how you envision spending your weekend nights, then get your cat spayed or neutered.



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Stray pregnant cat

A pregnant cat will always look for a safe place to sire and protect its unborn kittens.

Though feral cats generally avoid human contact, they are willing to swallow their pride and knock at your door for a chance to raise their coming litter.

A pregnant cat may also sleep in your compound a lot where it feels safe and away from predators.

VIDEO: Stray Pregnant Cat Begging To Be Let Inside a House


Shelter or Safe Haven

Cat sleeping in a fireplace

A strange cat hanging around your home a lot could be looking for shelter.

In cold or rainy weather, stray cats will look for the warmest space to perch and that could mean in the garage under your warm car.


A runaway cat could also seek refuge in your home.

They may be running away from an abusive home or maybe most of their needs are met at your place.


Such a cat would look scared and wary about any human presence.

They might even run away when you approach.


Does the area around your home have a lot of trees?

Cats love to perch high up trees or in thick bushes.

They are less likely to be bothered when hiding in such places.


Lost cat

Lost cat

If a cat shows up in your home and looks restless, it probably lost its way home.

Though cats love to wander, sometimes they get way above their heads and get lost.

Since home means a warm safe house, yours could be the most attractive in the neighborhood.



❗ Warning

Do not approach a lonely cat that shows aggression. It is better to call the animal shelter to handle the feline.



Does the lost cat appear restless and worried? If it runs to you for comfort, then it is friendly enough to let you approach.

Check if the cat is wearing a collar that has a contact number you can call.



First, look to see if they have any collar, tags, or other obvious signs they belong to someone

-Ameera Mills,



Ask your neighbors if they lost a pet or be on the lookout for “Missing Cat” posters.

If you cannot find the owner, consider surrendering the pet to a shelter.

Rehoming the lost cat is another option.



If you notice a new cat hanging around your house, it may be looking for food, a feline friend, or a new home.

Do not approach a lost cat if it shows aggression.

Try and locate its owner and if impossible, surrender the cat to a shelter or adopt it if you can.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A cat may cry at your door if it is lost and trying to get home. The cat will cry to get you in because it thinks you are its owner.

If it is heat season, cats may hang around your door wanting to mate with your pet. Cats may also cry and paw at your door if they feel hungry. Someone in your house may be feeding them.

A can approaching means it is friendly or curious about you. In the mythical world, a random cat approaching you symbolizes that you should add more curiosity and magic in your life.

If the cat is friendly, check to see if it is wearing a tag or a collar. Do not feed a stray cat if you do not want it to keep coming back. Call the local shelter to retrieve the cat if it shows aggression or threatens your pet.


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