Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away?

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Then Run Away

A cat’s behavior might be hard to understand, but research and science have helped us uncover the real meaning behind their behavior and their actions as the years go by.


In today’s article, we will be answering the question, “Why does my cat follow me then run away?”


Your cat might be reluctant

Your cat may follow you but run away the moment you face them because they want to ask you to give them some hugs and kisses but are reluctant to do so.


When this happens too often, turn slowly and look at your cat while blinking a few times.


Do not move swiftly or blink aggressively, as this may throw your cat off.


The key is to gain your cat’s trust and show them that you will not sneak up on them or attack them.


You can also stare at your cat, hold a handout, and wiggle your fingers as if letting your cat know that they can come to you and play with you.


If your cat moves slowly to you to sniff your hands, do not make any sudden movements as this may startle them.


Just continue what you are doing until your cat starts rubbing itself on you.



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Your cat is playful

Playful cat


Your cat is simply being playful. It is like a game of tag, and sometimes, your cat may even take a small swipe at your feet before running away to let you know that you are “it”!


The best thing you can do when this happens is to go along with it and play with your cat.


After all, both you and your cat could use some exercise!


Your cat is trying to show you something

If your cat follows you and suddenly runs away the moment you look back at them, they might be trying to communicate something with you, or there might be something that they want to show you.


The best thing you can do whenever this happens is to follow your cat’s direction and look at what it is trying to show you.


Sometimes, it can be your cat telling you the food bowl is empty or maybe, your cat needs help in transporting her kids from one place to another.


Whatever it is, use your connection with them and assist them in any way they need.



So “why does my cat follow me then run away?”, well, it may be for a variety of reasons.


However, one thing is for sure, whenever your cat is doing this, make sure to give them the attention they need because it may just be them wanting your affection.


This is like when your cat stares at you.


They may need your attention or they may be in dire need of your help.


Starting and following you around is the only way they know how to tell you.


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