Why Does My Cat Hold My Hand?

Why Does My Cat Hold My Hand

Cats are lovely yet very complicated creatures — one moment they love you, the next moment, it seems as though they do not.


There are specific actions they do that may sometimes get you thinking, “Why is my cat doing this? What does it mean? Is it normal?”


In today’s article, we will be answering one of those “whys” lingering at the back of your mind: Why does my cat hold my hand?


Your cat is seeking your attention

One reason why your cat is holding your hand is that they are trying to get your attention.


Maybe your cat wants to have some of that delicious tuna sandwich you are eating, or maybe your cat wants you to show them some love.


Or maybe, your cat is sitting beside you while you are too busy playing with your mobile phone.


In short, your cat does not want to be ignored by its favorite human.



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Your cat is showing happiness or contentment

human hand and cat's paw


Have you ever experienced becoming your cat’s own “dough”?


You know, when they take your hand or any part of your body and start kneading on it?


It turns out this means your cat lets you know that it feels relaxed, comfortable, happy, and content with you.


It goes back to the time they were kittens, and they would knead their mothers while being nursed to let their moms know that they are thankful for the nourishment given to them.


Your cat is telling you to hurry up

Placing its paw on your hand may be an indication that your cat is feeling impatient or annoyed as of the moment, so you better hurry up in opening its can of food.


It can be similar to when a cut headbutts you.


Your cat shows you affection

Putting its paw on your hand is like two humans holding each other’s hands.


Your cat loves you and wants to maintain some form of physical contact with you.


There may be times when they do not want to be stroked or are maybe feeling too lazy to show you some affection but to let you know that they still love you.


They will put their cute little paw on the top of your hand.


How adorable!



Your cat may hold your hand for a couple of reasons.


One of which is to catch your attention for something or simply show affection.


So, the next time your cat touches your hand with their adorable paws, just let them be.


It is letting you know it wants to connect with you and show you some love, so you better give them some love in return.


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