Why Does My Cat Hit Me When I Walk By?

Why Does My Cat Hit Me When I Walk By

We are used to cats lying around, sleeping all day, or munching on their food bowl.


But we do not understand some of their behaviors.


For example, when it hits us or pounces on us when we walk by, we can only wonder why.


It turns out, all of our feline friends naturally do this slightly aggressive behavior to their human fellows.


Read on to find out the explanation behind this action.


Why Your Cat Hits You When Walking By

Your cat may hit you for a couple of reasons.

Some of these are:

  • Your cat is luring you into play. You will know this when its pupils are dilated, ears are straight up, and its tails are twitchy. It is time to give it some love and attention it deserves. It is a win-win for you because it also relieves stress.
  • It is marking its territory when you are walking by its food or its kittens. Mother cats are protective. They get easily agitated when any human or thing comes close to her tiny felines.
  • When it starts biting you, this may be because you are rubbing or patting the wrong spot. Cats love getting a massage on it’s back, behind their ears, or their tiny belly.
  • Maybe, your cat thinks of you not as its human owner but as a giant toy that it loves pouncing.
  • Your cat may also be agitated or upset about something. Maybe, it is hungry or thirsty. Never miss meeting its needs.
  • It could be anxious and irritated about all the movements and noise you make in the house, especially when tired.


Is This Normal?

cat biting


Yes. But should you let your cat do this frequently? No.


The little scratches can be less of a problem.


However, when it starts getting too aggressive, you need to keep it under control.


This behavior could grow into a habit that can be worse in the long run.


It might be inevitable that you get minor cuts from its little claws and playful bites.


To minimize this, you can do the following:


  • Avoid getting angry or shouting at your pet cat the first time it hits you.
  • Observe when, where, and why your cat hits you when you walk past it. If it is near its food or tiny kittens, it prevents you from coming too close. You may adjust where you place its bowl of snacks or avoid passing by it altogether.
  • Talk to your cat. Cats can distinguish your voice as their human owner even though they cannot understand what you say. You aim to make a positive association between the sound of your voice and safety.
  • If it is trying to play with you, think about alternative kitten toys like scratchers, balls, and catnip
  • Maintain grooming for your cat. You may clip its nails gently and clean its paws if needed.
  • If its behavior drags on for long, you might want to see a veterinarian to see if it experiences a health problem.



Naturally, cats try to hit their human friends if they try to get your attention to play with them.


But do not tolerate this behavior when it displays a hint of aggression.


Tame your cat and communicate with it to prevent a long-term consequence.


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