Why Do Stray Cats Like Me?

Why Do Stray Cats Like Me

Is it not interesting that a cat shows up and brushes itself against your leg when you are chilling in a public place?


Or when you are walking, they follow and meow at you from behind?


Therefore, we tend to ask ourselves the question, “Why do stray cats like me?”


Read on to know more.


But before that, let’s look into what makes strays different from feral first.


Stray cats are those cats that are not afraid of people because of prior association.


They could be previously owned pets but may somehow have gotten lost along the way.


On the other hand, feral cats are uncomfortable and wild around people due to their lack of association.


Stray Cats and You

stray cat looking at camera

Cats that get close to you are strays, and there can be several reasons behind it.


They want you to feed them

Cats are unbelievably smart and keen, especially stray cats who spend daily near people.


These cats are not wild, and hunting may not be their strongest suit, so they need someone to fill their needs.


Cats can manipulate you through:


  • Rubbing themselves to your leg
  • Asking for a belly hug
  • Being all sweet and loving


It is their unique way of being all cute in exchange for the food you can provide.


Cats know who can supplement their needs.


Smart! But if a stray cat approaches you, you can’t just feed it.


Here is a list of human food you should not give them.


They are looking for a new home

Yes, as mentioned above, stray cats may be previously owned pets that got lost.


And the life of being on the streets is just not ideal for a cat.


That is why they are looking for a new human to give them shelter and a warm bed to lay comfortably in.


Presumably, when stray cats follow you, this may be the underlying reason.


Of course, if you are willing, then do so. But make sure to investigate first for signs of ownership.



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They are investigating you

Cats can be persistent and focused once something piqued their interest.


Be it yourself, the thing your holding, or the thing they saw you chewing as you passed by them.


When you exhibit amicable behavior, they will continue going near you as long as they ascertain their interests.


If it is food and they show signs of hunger, make sure to feed them as long as they are cat-friendly.


You are part of their territory

Cats like dogs are territorial creatures.


It is their pride to have ownership over places or even humans.


Cats do that sometimes with people.


They wipe their scents all over you, declaring you their property.


And here you are wondering, “why do stray cats like me?” when in fact, you are simply one of their ownerships.


Moreover, their scent will stick wherever you go, and cats will pick up on that — signifying that they have been where you are.


They love you

Perhaps the most unlikely, but possible nonetheless, is that your cat loves you.


And it appreciates you looking after it despite its stray nature.


Rubbing themselves on you is just its way of showing affection and care.


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