Why is My Cat Obsessed with My Face?

Why is My Cat Obsessed with My Face

Cats are their masters, and usually, we are just feeding machines that give them food on their command.


So when cats become overly close or affectionate to us, it is heart-warming.


It is no longer unusual for cats to rub their bodies against our legs or feet, or hands when we reach out to them.


But for them to be in very close proximity and sometimes being very obsessive of our faces feels unusual, so we tend to ask, “why is my cat obsessed with my face?”


The following will give insight into the reason behind their obsession with our faces:


You are an honorary cat

You will notice that when cats meet each other, they boop their noses.


It is cats’ way of saying hello to their co-felines.


The form of obsession that cats display to their owners can sometimes be in the form of them bopping their owners’ noses or faces.


It’s anatomy.


Anthropologists suggest that the faces of humans and cats are similar.


That is one of the reasons why cats feel an affinity towards humans.


And them bopping their owner’s noses is a way of saying, “you are one of us”.


Congrats on the honorary cat membership! No longer ask, “why is my cat obsessed with my face.”


Scent Marking

The noses of cats operate on a different level compared to us.


And their scent glands can be found on the side of their faces.


When they rub their faces against yours, then that means they want you to smell like them.


As unappealing as that sounds, it is a form of bonding, so feel honored, slave (kidding!).


They are reminiscing their childhood

cat reminiscing


Try to observe the body language of the cats as they rub their face against yours.


They might use their paws as well to knead or gently push against your face while at it.


It means that you reminded them of their kittenhood when they were sheltered in the bosom of their mothers when they were still nursing.


That means the warmth and care of the past days they now experience in your care.



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They seek attention

Sometimes, all these seemingly affectionate rubbings against your face is simply an evil ploy to forget your attention for their more devious plans.


They can be vain at times and want you to care for them, like give them belly rubs, back scratches, etc.


They will do anything to take your attention away from your phone or laptop, then towards them.


They seek comfort and security

Cats are no super animals.


They are always looking after themselves and ensuring that they are safe, like all other animals.


And sometimes, they can experience that feeling of safety, comfort, and warmth with you.


Well, technically, your head. Your breath, your scent, your neck, these give off a feeling of warmth.



Your cat is not necessarily obsessed with your face.


Utmost, your cat is more into looking at “you” as the person who cares for them and makes them feel safe.


Your face invokes memories or feelings. That is why they stare at you!


If that is not loving, we do not know what is.


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