Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon?

Why Does My Cat Sound Like A Pigeon

If you have a cat, there may be times when you might have noticed that your cat is making a strange sound.


It might have occurred when you are playing with your cat or while you are petting them.


It often makes you wonder if it is normal.


If your cat is making this pigeon-like purring sound – worry not! It is entirely okay.


There is nothing wrong with your pet.


Once you find out the real reason behind it, you might even be happy and proud that they are doing that, specifically to you!


Today, we will be answering the question that most cat owners have been asking: “why does my cat’s purr sound like a pigeon?”


Why Does My Cat’s Purr Sound Like a Pigeon?

Cat and pigeon


Cats usually make these pigeon-like noises while purring if they are fond of you and are trying to get your attention.


You will notice that these noises typically occur when you are petting them or are playing with them.


It is also commonly accompanied by a slight bumping or rubbing their bodies against you, laying down with their tummies up, and looking at you directly while making these pigeon sounds.


Aside from these reasons, cats also purr in a pigeon-like manner when they know that they are in a healthy and safe environment.


It is one of their ways of showing you their love and affection.


These purring sounds are not one your pets would typically give to just anyone – they would mostly just give it to you because both of you have formed a strong connection and an inseparable bond.



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My Cat Does Not Make Pigeon Sounds at Me

If your cat has not given you these pigeon-like sounds yet, here are some ways you can follow to create a bond between you and your cat:

  • Play with your cat more often
  • When your cat is rubbing its body or bumping its head against you, make sure to give them a playful rub or petting
  • If a cat jumps on your lap while you are working on the computer or watching movies, let them cuddle with you
  • If a cat is meowing at you, that means they are calling your attention, so make sure to avoid snubbing them and give them your full attention
  • Lastly, give them treats! It may come in the form of toys, or some cat treats they can eat!


Final Thoughts

The next time you hear your cut make pigeon sounds, remember that is fine.


They are fond of you and merely asking for your attention.


When it happens, spend time with your cat. You can give a rub in return.


Cats especially like the back of the ears, the spot near the tail, or under the chin.


Create an inseparable bond with your cat and make sure always to reciprocate the love and attention that they are openly giving you!


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