Why Does My Dog Go Under the Couch and Cry?

Why Does My Dog Go Under the Couch and Cry

Even the happiest dog goes through the worst days, too.


They also cry in moments when they are not in their best mood.


It may be why humans and dogs are the best of friends.


Your dog is not an exemption.


Dogs can feel sadness and pain and express it through their cries.


We feel their pain just from the feebleness of their voice.


Why Your Dog Whimpers

Dog hiding under a couch


Dogs whimper for various reasons.


They give out a weak sound that sounds like they are crying as though they are in so much pain.


Old dogs whimper more often because they can no longer control their systems anymore, and their health goes through a rapid decline.


For younger ones, this serves as their way of communication. Aside from feeling hurt, your dog whimpers, which could mean:


Your dog needs something

Your pet might beg for food, or water, or your attention.


It is your dog’s way of asking for something they need.


They may feel neglected that they cower under your couch and whine.


Your dog communicates that way

Some dogs just have a different, weird, or unique form of expression or communication.


They have a different language on their own. It will benefit you to listen and be aware of it.


Some dogs also whimper as a sign that they are sorry for what they did.


Your dog is sad

Like humans, dogs also experience Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD.


It means that your hound is less happy when the sun is out. Their mood and energy depend on the weather.


Your dog is sick

When dogs get sick, they often lose interest in food or playtime.


They may also produce whimpering sounds when they are in pain.


Your dog may have problems with digestion, or there is a physical wound left untreated.


It often happens if your dog plays around a lot.


In this case, check your dog for cuts or injuries but be gentle in doing so.


If you find a minor wound or your dog is bleeding a little:

If the wound seems severe, contact the vet immediately for proper checkup and medication.



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What You Should Do

If you hear your dog whimpering. Here are things that you can do to help:

  1. Come to their rescue and do not leave them be.
  2. Feed them or pet them as they might only need attention.
  3. Find out what is wrong, be it emotional or physical.
  4. If it is a physical injury treat them. If your dog has become aggressive, ask for help.
  5. Bring them to the vet clinic for a consultation.



Dogs and humans have many similarities.


We share an emotional bond with them that we care whenever something goes awry.


When they feel unusual, attend to them and their needs.


It is in these times that we can cheer them up as much as they cheer us when we are down ourselves.


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