Do Dogs Think Humans are Gods?

Do Dogs Think Humans are Gods

Dogs do not precisely think that humans are gods, but your dog knows you when they see you even after your absence for a long while.


When dogs smell your human scent, the “reward” region of the brain lights up.


Over food, they are more excited when they can smell you near.


Dogs have an associative memory where if you used to pat their head if you are about to give him a treat, he associates the pat to food, which is why he gets excited and wags its tail.


How Dogs Think of Humans

Dogs associate your scent and voice with a loving and protective companion.


They grow fond of you as you learn to love them and get accustomed to their furry presence.


You raised them right from the beginning when they were still a puppy.


The God-like Things You Do

dog held by owner


When training and treating them, they associate these episodes with a happy memory that they do not get elsewhere.


They do not have the same memories as other humans simply because they spend most of their days with you.


They memorize your eyes and your scent.


Dogs may not think of you precisely as a god.


But your dog knows that you provide it with what it needs and what it wants.


  • You give them food, and you spend time playing with them.
  • You pat them in the head or rub their stomach to help them sleep.
  • You treat them or bring them to the vet whenever they get hurt.
  • You shower them with hugs and kisses, so they feel loved.
  • You take them to places where he would see other animals, too.
  • With your training, they can better understand what you instruct them to do. Your dog would even gladly fetch for you.



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They know that you, as their owner, are family because dogs are very social beings.


They protect you when they sense that you are facing peril.


However, they do not act in the same way as other humans.


Apart from their human fur parent, they respond in a way that other people react to dogs.

  • If they are hostile to dogs, hounds tend to reciprocate the feeling. They bark incessantly and whine. They become unruly.
  • If humans show fear toward the dog, hounds can feel it because they can understand social cues. As a response, they may make you feel more scared than before by growling.

Dogs know your facial features, especially your eyes.


They are inclined to look closely at you to analyze your facial expressions and to assess how they can communicate with you.

They are also familiar with your scent.


In a crowd, your pooch can quickly locate you.



Dogs behave like babies toward their fur parents.


With humans, they have created a special bond different from that with other people.


As you have grown accustomed to them, they have grown on you too and treat you as their family.


So when you are in danger, your dog instinctively comes to your rescue.


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