Can Dogs Laugh in Their Sleep?

Can Dogs Laugh in Their Sleep

Dogs can sleep for long hours in a day in their most comfortable positions in their most favorite spot in the house.


Dogs require 14 hours of sleep daily, while puppies take about 18 hours.


It is also true for other dog breeds.


You should worry once they do not get enough sleep or, worse, become deprived as it would lead to health issues.


Can Dogs Laugh?

Dogs do not laugh. The sound you hear is because of your pet’s successive panting.


When dogs get bursts of energy, they experience short, quick breaths.


Your dog may feel out of breath because of too much running around or playing with other pets.


They feel the need to control their temperature back to normal, hence the panting.


Unlike humans, they do not sweat to cool down, so they breathe the heat out of their mouths.


Dogs pant a lot after physical exercise, running around, or a walk around the neighborhood.


Activity is a good thing for dogs, so they are not lethargic and prone to illness.


It can also mean happiness and excitement for your dog.


They also evoke this sound when deep asleep.



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Signs Your Dog is in Deep Sleep

Dog sleeping


Their “laugh” may be a sign they are in the REM stage of sleep.


Unlike humans, dogs get into a deep sleep within the first 10 minutes.


Dogs spend only ten percent of sleep in the REM stage, which is why they need more hours of sleep to recuperate.


While in this state, your dog may bark, twitch their legs, move their lids, or pant a lot as though they are running in their dreams.


Dogs dream, too. It explains the sound of “laughter” you thought you have heard from your pet.


Pet doctors consider these signs natural and familiar to pets that are physically active during the day.


Also, this shows good sleep in dogs. It is entirely normal.


So, there is nothing for you to worry about.


However, heavy panting can also be a sign of health problems in dogs.


Excessive play predisposes some dogs to heavy panting, but some breeds are not.


Observe your dog if it is panting heavily.


If it does without being highly active, it could be a symptom of the following cases:

  • Poisoning
  • Temperature regulation
  • Injury or pain
  • Sore throat
  • Obstruction in airways
  • Other breathing problems
  • Anxiety
  • Allergic reaction

Bring your dog and get checked by a veterinarian immediately so that they can receive appropriate treatment.




When dogs are excited and stimulated, they move around a lot.


Thus, they sleep for long hours to replenish the energy spent.


Dogs in the REM stage give out sounds like whimpering or panting that you can easily mistake as laughter.


Some dogs heavily pant when they feel awry.


It could show illness.


Consult your veterinarian regarding this to get the proper treatment for your dog.


Dogs do not laugh as humans do; however, dogs have their language.


They express that they are happy or excited in a way they know best.


They even take this memory to their dreams when they sleep.


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